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Now that you have made a great deal selling your jewellery to Gold Smart, what’s next? What if you take that extra money and treat yourself? And what better way to do this than to travel to a beautiful country.

Here is a guide to 10 awesome destinations that could be ideal for your next adventure.

1 – Panama

Panama is a top destination country profiled by The New York Times. Since 1999, the control of the canal transferred from the USA to Panama. A project was created to increase channel capacity and the opening is scheduled for 2014, the year they are celebrating 100 years of its existence. The Bocas del Toro Archipelago is also a great destination for nature and diving lovers.

2 – Helsinki, Finland

The Nordic country is the World Design Capital of 2012. Helsinki receives approximately 200 creative design companies of the most varied disciplines. The event also features concerts by the Vienna Philharmonic and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

3 – Myanmar

A country characterised until 2010 as an authoritarian regime, Myanmar has again opened its doors to tourism. Beaches in the Bay of Bengal, and a rich culture, combined with a warm and welcoming people are some of the aspects that this destination offers.

4 – London

The upcoming London Olympic Games will offer a unique multicultural and sporting experience. For movie lovers, especially those that enjoyed the Harry Potter series, there will be open doors to movie studios.

5 – Oakland, California

Dining with finesse is one of the main attractions of this Californian city. Accompanied with the sounds of artists like Wilco or Decemberists, you can enjoy evening cocktails. The number of upscale restaurants is increasing, with renowned chefs and several Michelin Starred establishments.

6 – Tokyo

This is the opportunity to visit a city that, whilst recovering from the Fukoshima tragedy, still warms with as much charm as before. The number of tourists has understandably dropped the tragedy, which makes this a great opportunity to travel at lower prices.

7 – Tanzania

A country that has focused increasingly on tourism in recent times. Mount Kilimanjaro and Safari bookings such as the Singita Grumeti can be dream destinations. The farm Gibb is the place where visitors can observe the Ngorongoro crater up close.

8 – Chilean Patagonia

A region of the globe with different landscapes: from snowy forest to completely uninhabited terrain. Horse riding across the steppes, boat cruises on the lake and glacier expeditions are a few of the many activities that Patagonia offers.

9 – Lhasa, Tibet

Luxury for some, controversial to others. Lhasa has seen the number of hotels increased by leaps and bounds. Although considered by many as an exploration of the sacred land, these hotels are here to stay, as well as business and shopping centres that have been installed in the Tibetan capital. The inauguration of new infrastructure is planned for 2013.

10 – Havana, Cuba

The country of cigars offers so much to see. The society itself is a good reason to visit Havana. The antique cars make the city an outdoor museum, and the Cuban music attaches part of its charm.

Happy and safe travels from the Gold Smart team! 🙂