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If you’ve never sold your gold jewellery before, there’s never been a better time to consider doing so. Prices are excellent, the process is easy and the additional income is always helpful for bills and debts. Perhaps you’ve wanted to sell some pieces for awhile now, but think that your items wouldn’t be eligible, or valuable. Chances are, they’re actually worth more than you think! Here are some common myths about gold jewellery selling to put your mind at ease:

Broken/Bent Jewelry Isn’t Worth Anything

Part of the reason so many New Zealanders have tried out gold selling is that pieces don’t have to be intact to fetch a good price. Gold buyers are purchasing your gold rings, bracelets and necklaces for their gold weight value alone, which means that a broken clasp or bent setting is no problem. In fact, selling your broken or damaged gold jewellery is an excellent way to clear out some space in your collection and fund new, intact jewellery pieces at the same time. Even if all you have left of a jewellery piece is a snapped chain or empty setting, you can still sell these with ease.

Gold Sellers Only Buy Gold

While gold is undoubtedly the most popular precious metal in jewellery sold for cash, other valuable metals like silver and platinum can also earn you quite a bit! Much like gold, the weight and purity of these precious metals are what counts when selling them; the team of professionals at Gold Smart will be able to give you an accurate quote to help you make your decision. Not sure if your jewellery is truly made of precious metals? Even if you can’t find a stamp or mark, our staff can use special techniques to not only test for the presence of precious metals, but purity as well!

Weight Is All That Matters in Gold Selling

Two attributes are important in determining the price of a piece of gold jewellery: weight and purity. A lighter 24k bracelet, for example, may be worth more than a heavier 10k ring due to the purity difference in the gold quality. In general, the higher the solid karat value of a given piece, the more valuable it is for selling purposes. If you’d like to know precisely how much your particular piece is worth, it only takes a few moments for a trained professional to assess.

Selling Gold is Complicated

When you deal with a reputable service like Gold Smart, you have several options for selling your scrap gold jewellery, such as visiting our offices in person or using our insured mail-in delivery method. If you have a large estate collection or high-value items you’d rather not travel with, we can even come to you! Our concern is that you are comfortable and pleased with your gold selling experience, so we’ve made it as simple as possible – even for first-time patrons.

Now that we’ve banished some myths about gold selling, we invite you to “dig for buried treasure” in your jewellery collection, and sell us your unwanted, scrap or broken pieces for the cash you deserve. We look forward to hearing from you!