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A great thing about having a new and unexpected source of income and cash is the fact that it comes with no existing liabilities or commitments on those funds. When received, a person can literally apply it as a brand-new bonus and advantage to anything he or she desires. This is the financial leap forward that comes with selling unwanted, broken or outdated gold on hand. You literally make stuff sitting around at home and unwanted useful and valuable again in your life.

About Selling Gold

Gold Smart has always been a standing New Zealand source for consumers and individuals to liquidate unwanted gold, silver and similar precious metals. Instead of having items collecting dust in drawers doing nothing for years, folks can turn that asset into a useful functional form of cash. My gold becomes my opportunity again. Maybe you want to take a vacation, get some dental work done, pay for some classes and training always wanted or get a new TV for the home. All of these things can be possible with freed up cash from selling gold, especially now as gold prices continue to climb upward.

Gold Smart was started because we saw a critical need to provide consumers a safe, viable and fair resource to recycle old gold and silver, including jewellery. And we can help folks both online as well as in person as our venue, just 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Tower and Sky Casino and in the heart of Auckland’s financial district. Drop by today and let’s talk!

Buyers and Prices for Selling Gold

While petrol prices at the pump may be going through the floor, gold prices continue to move in the opposite direction, climbing higher each month. Some of this behaviour has been due to recent instability in markets and fear of economic recession in different countries. However, another big influence continues to the be the understanding that gold remains a solid hedge when government currencies start to show weakness as well. And it is important to note that these price climbs go in spurts, fall-backs to solidify a level as some people take profits in speculation, and then they climb again.

What does the above mean for consumers? Specifically, if folks have broken or unwanted jewellery and gold items sitting unused, now may very well be a good time to convert those items into usable, functional cash for your household. And Gold Smart can easily help you reach that financial goal, whether online or in-person at our venue address right in the heart of the Auckland financial district. On the other hand, if one wants to invest in gold, our MyGold program is a great way to do so safely.

Our professional gold buyers and teams operate without issue, provide fair and accurate prices for consumers, and stay up to date with gold markets daily. All of that means a seamless, smooth sales process for consumers. So, visit us if you think you have recyclable gold in your home. We are just 200 meters from the Sky Casino and Auckland Sky Tower downtown.

Our New Zealand Gold Smart Guarantee

One of the biggest issues people have with considering to sell gold is knowing where to do so. The second, which usually pops up right after the first consideration, is personal safety. That includes both immediate security as well as avoiding the risk of being scammed or mislead by a fast-talking culprit. No surprise, these two issue have prevented many from realizing the benefit of recycling and selling unwanted gold again and again. We solve the dual problem by providing a safe, seamless resource for selling my gold without issue or concerns.

Competitive Pricing

Because our buying teams working daily with the gold and silver market, we price items based on their most current value. That gives consumers the best return on their items in terms of pricing versus other venues that might be delayed by more than a week or using other methods for pricing evaluation not directly tied to the gold or silver market.

Efficient Response

Gold Smart also puts a premium on customer time. We push for fast turnaround and don’t allow for needless delays. You get an answer and pricing fast, every time, every transaction.

Expertly Trained

Our Gold Smart teams and professional gold buyers are trained and retrained regularly. That provides a level of professionalism often not found in other venues.

You Make the Decisions

We don’t pressure customers to sell gold. Your gold-selling choices are yours alone. We fully understand some folks may change their minds at the last minute because many times items have emotional ties. We won’t pressure you ever.

No Traps or Fees

Nothing sours a financial transaction than a hidden fee. We don’t play games with our customers or hide the ball. You know up front our service costs every time, all the time.

Easy to Find

We are located in the heart of the financial district just 200 meters from Auckland’s Sky Tower and Sky Casino. Find us easily and let’s talk in person!