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It really seems like that by the year 2013, there would be no more treasure to find. At least no one should be finding gold artifacts and coins that are not thousands of feet under water on the bottom of the ocean. However, in late 2012 another 2,400 year old trove of gold ornaments was announced by the Bulgarian archaeologists.

The ancient found gold items were discovered in a 3rd century BC tomb of a Thracian tribe called the Getae. It seems that the Thracians were something like the Greeks, but not in Greece. The Thracians it seems had a real thing for gold, and archeologists have found gold pieces from the culture dating back to as far as 4,000 BC. This ancient people ruled for millennia over parts of what are now Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Romania. The ancient gold came from the region around the mouth of the Danube river.

Ancient Gold Hoard

Items in the tomb included a golden horse head, 100 gold buttons, other gold jewellery and some small female busts crafted from the precious metal. The hypothesis is the busts were a form of broach or maybe used to keep a toga in place. It seems that there are no written records about the Thracians, so archeologists use these findings to make educated guesses about this ancient society. From the amount of gold they are digging up and the quality of the pieces, it is a good guess that some of the Thracians lived large and rich. Even 2,500 years ago, people needed a gold merchant to handle buying, selling and trading.