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Gold jewellery has always been valuable, but that doesn’t mean that it will automatically command prices higher than the gold-content value, or anything close to what you might pay buying gold jewellery retail. The fact is, gold jewellery is frequently marked up well above what the precious metal is actually worth at the time, and it would take a significant amount of appreciation to match or cover the retail premiums. Very old items of jewellery that are collectible or rare, may achieve values above gold spot prices, however value of gold jewellery typically is based on gold content alone when selling in the second-hand jewellery market.

Why Sell Gold Jewellery

Selling personal gold that is unwanted, second-hand, broken or just not fashionable anymore has always been a smart move. What good is that asset if it’s just sitting in the back of a cabinet drawer collecting dust? Not much. Instead, by liquidating it for the value of the precious metal involved, the cash obtained can be used for all sorts of needs and wants right now or for the future. That can include helping with a house down payment, school tuition or books, a car repair, a medical need, a new home entertainment system, a trip, a new hobby or similar. Selling old gold just makes a lot of sense, and you get to decide for how much, as well as how that payment will be used to make your own life better afterwards.

How to Sell Gold Jewellery

There are a few options to consider when selling gold jewellery, including ‘gold parties’, selling privately or to a professional business. Most people today think of a ‘pawn shop’ with garish advertisements or selling their jewellery online on auction sites like Trademe, but these are not the only avenues for selling gold. There are also private sales to other individuals, pawn shops, gold parties which provide a temporary but easy means to sell personal gold once in a while, and trade channels as well where gold is traded for some other property that is useful or needed. However, just because there are a lot of ways to sell personal and unwanted gold, that doesn’t mean they are the best avenue or will produce the best sale price for the personal seller. A lot of challenges and snafus can occur with many of these options, especially if one is not paying attention to their surroundings or whom they are dealing with.

How to Sell Gold Jewellery

3 Tips on Selling Gold Jewellery for a Good Price

Tip #1 – Watch the Market Before Selling

Understanding the value of gold on the spot market has a big impact on when to sell second-hand gold jewellery. The precious metal that makes up jewellery for sale goes up and down in value based on the spot market. The actual price a personal seller is offered will be a percentage of the market spot value depending on a number of factors including the quality/purity of the gold involved, the metal type, the total weight of the gold, business overheads, and associated refining costs.

However, even with all of these factors involved, when the gold market goes up, so does the value of all gold, whether new or second-hand. However, when gold drops in value, so does everything related to it. Ideally, a personal buyer wants to sell at a time when the market is rising or at a much higher price point than when the jewellery was bought originally.

For example, someone who bought gold jewellery in the 1970s or 1980s would be in a very good position right now in the 2020s to sell those items as gold has appreciated significantly since those decades. On the other hand, someone who just received a ring or necklace from a good sale a few years ago would probably take a loss if they had been the original buyer from a jewellery store as the very high mark-ups paid when buying gold jewellery retail.

Gold will always sell dictated by supply and demand. One has to pay attention to what is happening with the market (gold spot prices and currency exchange rates) and do some homework if planning to unload a sizable amount of gold jewellery for sale and expecting a notable return. While gold will likely always be considered a great asset in which to store value and wealth, that doesn’t mean buyers automatically have to pay out to personal sellers at top market prices. If there is too much gold floating around in the market, the prices become depressed, and personal sellers will find it very hard to come close to their expectations for sales.

Tip #2 – Don’t Take the First Price Offered

Personal sellers who have had some experience know the first price offered will be the lowest possible for second-hand jewellery. Folks should always hold out for a better price, even if it means having to shop around a bit. Remember, gold buyers have lots of folks coming to them on a regular basis selling gold, so one individual sale is not going to be the end of the world if it falls through. However, when gold is in high demand, buyers might offer a lower price at first, but if the sale represents a sizable holding, they can be quick to make a second offer when told politely, “no.” Personal sellers should always try to do a bit of professional haggling to get the best price possible for their gold jewellery.

Smart personal sellers will have done their homework and will have been given multiple offers for their gold. That might take a bit of footwork and multiple meetings, but the difference can be worth it when one buyer decides to beat out the others to have access to the gold available. In these situations, bigger lots with higher quality gold will tend to be more attractive than smaller amounts and lower quality, i.e. lower gold content.

Remember, gold jewellery with hallmarks and high carat value is worth a lot more than miscellaneous gold with no marketing whatsoever. Hallmark gold brings with it a known standard of gold quality and manufacturing as the hallmark represents a specific company and producer certified for their gold quality. Known and stamped carat value also makes it clear when gold is a higher purity than mixed gold versions that might be stronger but are cheaper in gold content. Don’t let your high quality gold with clear marking get lumped into the pricing of lower quality lots to sell jewellery successfully. That would be giving away a definitive sale price value for free.

Not all Gold Jewellery is the Same

Tip #3 – Not all Gold Jewellery is the Same

If you need to know where to sell gold jewellery that involves mixed items such as gold coins set in pendants or rings, you may want to take a look at those coins or sets first. Occasionally gold coins may be worth more as collectibles than the pure precious metal value for the second-hand gold in a sale. Collectibles, gold bullion coins, specific sets or pieces made by a particular crafter all trigger collectible value that sometimes can be worth a more through the right dealer and channel. Again, pay attention to what you have for sale and do homework on it before selling. You may be surprised that its value is worth more than just selling it for gold alone.

Gold Smart is Always Available for Safe Gold Selling

If wondering where can I sell my gold jewellery safely, Gold Smart has always been a secure and dependable gold-buying channel for second-hand and unwanted gold pieces. As long as the jewellery is made of gold and doesn’t have precious stones inlayed or mixed, the jewellery is very likely a good candidate for sale to Gold Smart’s buying teams. With a safe, private approach, Gold Smart provides the professionalism of a licensed business, a strong New Zealand reputation for customer service, and competitive pricing tied to current spot market valuations. Most customers who have experienced Gold Smart have been so pleased, they’ve become regular gold sellers again and again. Try the difference and avoid the games. Gold Smart is ready for you and your gold jewellery when you are.

Multiple Ways to Invest in Gold

Gold has never stopped attracting people. Through thick and thin, urban and rural living, people go looking for the precious metal every chance they get. For 99 percent of folks, gold investing however can be done online or through in-person purchasing. However, there is the one percent out there who just wants to do things the hard way, even if it means getting their feet wet or their fingertips dirty. Gold panning, for example, has become extremely popular among Kiwis just wanting to pick up a few pieces of raw gold for themselves the old-fashioned way. It’s simple to do, takes only a few tools, and patience. And, most interestingly, natural gold-finding doesn’t require the Internet or stock market exchanges to put into effect.

Finding Gold Is Something Anyone Can Do With Persistence

There are multiple ways people can find gold naturally. And the best thing about gold-hunting in nature is that your investment in terms of equipment is one time, and your ongoing cost is time and energy. The latter two are simply your choice of how much you want to put into the effort or not, but many who really want to go after a gold find the hunt entertaining, adventurous, and fulfilling.

Gold panning, obviously, is the easiest way to get started. The equipment requirements are straightforward as well. One just needs a few large, flat metal or plastic pans as well as some waders for being in the water for an extended period of time. A good backpack, walking stick, map, GPS tracker, and food and water make up a day’s walk in and out. And, finally, make sure you have a good pair of hiking boots. It makes all the difference. Sneakers won’t hold up and often lead to twisted ankles. Once you have a good location target figured out in terms of a creek or river likely to have panning potential, then it’s time to pick a day and hoof your way into the location. Make sure you have told people where you are going ahead of time and bring a partner versus going alone. Safety should always on the top of your mind, even when having fun panning for gold.

The second easiest option is metal detecting. This option costs a bit more. There are bargain-basement units available for very affordable prices, but in practice, they are a waste of money. The ability for these units to pick up well is poor. Expect that you’re going to spend a few hundred dollars (NZD) on some quality equipment. You should also spend some time practicing and training to understanding how to read the monitors correctly for the best finding results. Once you have your equipment dialed in, then it’s time to target your likely locations. When it comes to gold, you’re unlikely to find major gold veins with a metal detector; they are simply buried too deep. Instead, your focus should be beaches, river banks, parks, and campsites. Why? People lose things, and these places are prime for finding lost gold jewellery, coins, and similar as well as money and other items as well. Remember, one lost finger ring of 14 or 18 carat gold can be a couple of ounces of gold, well worth the trouble.

The third approach towards finding natural gold is mining and geo-spelunking. In short, you’re hobby mining. This isn’t something to engage in on the fly. Looking for bits and deposits of gold takes a lot of understanding of the land you’re moving through, and you can be putting yourself in some tight situations. It should definitely be a group effort and only practiced by those with experience and skill in adventure mining. Additionally, you have to keep in mind whose land you’re on when you go mining. Not every private landowner will be thrilled about the idea of someone poking around on their acreage to make a profit. And public lands often have plenty of rules that may restrict any mining or digging up resources as well. So, make sure to do your research first before going to a location. You don’t want your first mining foray to end the day at the local constable station cooling your heels waiting for a barrister.

Gold Nuggets

Processing Your Raw Ore Gold Findings

The normal approach for handling raw gold would be to smelt it and turn the raw ore into refined gold. Fortunately, those who go hunting for gold in the wild don’t need to worry about trying to figure out what to do with their findings. At Gold Smart, we can easily process raw gold ore, along with any other kind of second-hand gold that one might have sitting at home that isn’t useful anymore. Because Gold Smart functions as both a buyer as well as a consolidator, we’re able to take large lots of gold as well as small and put them all together for refining into new gold bullion bars. These in turn get resold to the industry for new use. And the personal sellers get ready to cash at gold’s latest recycle prices in exchange.

Investing in Gold Without Field Hunting is Easy Too

Of course, one doesn’t have to go out in the wild to find gold. It’s quite possible to invest in gold in a far more urban manner; you simply go to a store and buy it or pursue it through various investment tools.

The most traditional manner is to buy gold in bullion form. That said, one should expect to pay a sizable price for the precious metal in its purest form, the ideal investment target of 24 carats. Gold’s feverish run has made a lot of people a lot of money, and though the rally has taken a breather in the last few months, there’s no shortage of flag-waving supporters who claim gold is on a march to US$2,000 and beyond. That sentiment, while experts might disagree will occur in 2021, still continues to keep gold at a very high price of $1,850 an ounce currently at the beginning of the year. The most common form one will then find it intends to be sovereign coins as they provide the easiest investment with government-issued weights and face values, making their quality and content easily discernible.

Alternatively, the next most common form tends to be jewellery. Gold in this form comes in a variety of quality types, better known as carats. 24 carats tend to be the most expensive and purest form, but gold can also be bought in lower qualities as far down to 10 carats. All of them are investments as well as adornments, but with the historical rising trend of gold over the years, each category could effectively be investment income down the road a decade from now. Jewellery has long been a means for investing in gold and culturally it was a well-practiced method for families to transfer value from one generation to the next. Today is no different.

For physical gold purchasing and investing, the best place to go a gold dealer that specializes in gold items for investment purposes, as well as has a strong reputation for trust, quality, and reliability. Gold Smart meets all of those requirements and regularly carries a wide assortment of gold bullion, whether in the form of gold bullion bars or gold sovereign coins from different countries and governments. Some of the best choices include the classic South African Krugerrand as Canadian Maple Leafs and American Eagles. All three are well known for utilizing close to 24 carat gold.

Finally, there is the digital world. With a click of a button, people can invest in gold through multiple channels. However, the choices all tend to be common in the form of stocks. Exchange-traded funds allow people to invest in gold by buying stock shares in a fund that buys gold. Company stocks allow similar investment in gold through companies that make money mining the precious metal and their business success doing so. However, none of these choices actually have an ownership in gold like a physical purchase.

Gold Exchange Wellington

Removing the Risk, Enjoying the Gain

Again, Gold Smart can provide you solid channel into a gold investment by purchasing gold that’s real, solid, and worth every dollar paid for it. We stock the highest quality gold investment choices, and we can provide options for safe storage of gold as well. With a long-standing history in New Zealand for supporting gold investors of all types, we have helped people consolidate their retirement savings, start new investments, save for the future, and create viable hedge assets that aren’t caught up in the latest business directions. In short, we have provided people an easy, reliable way to make gold a viable part of their financial lives without the risk that people face online or trying to buy gold through harder to evaluate forms. Gold Smart is your best New Zealand choice for gold investing, and when you try investing with us, you might wonder why you hadn’t done so sooner.

Selling Bullion for Cash

Gold Prices

The price of gold and silver has risen in recent days. This means that if you bought gold bars in the past, you may be able to sell them at a higher value – making a good profit. Of course, the price of precious metals could rise further, however, we can not guarantee what will happen with prices tomorrow, next month, or even next year. Instead of trying to guess the right time to sell your bullion, why not take advantage of high prices right now?

In determining the value to sell gold bullion, it’s helpful to know the weight, purity, and where it was refined. Regardless of its condition or place of origin, and as long as it’s genuine gold or silver we will purchase it from you. Offering excellent rates and fast payment service.

We want all our customers to have a pleasant experience when dealing with us. We will purchase any kind of gold and silver as well as selling platinum and palladium bullion.

Best Time to Sell Gold

At a time when gold and silver continue to increase their importance, selling your precious metals can become an extremely smart choice. If you are looking for a buyer, you have just found us!

Our team of experts is ready to support you during the selling process, answering your questions, and working with clarity so you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process. We invite you to contact us directly to learn more about our services and then encourage you to decide for yourself.

 Take advantage of the high price of gold and silver and sell bullion to Gold Smart today.

Gold Smart Customer

Thank You, Dear Customers!

This post is dedicated to all our fantastic customers and friends who have sold their gold and/or silver items to us. We greatly appreciate your business as well as the many testimonials we have received. This truly means a lot to us.

Years ago, we recognised a need for people to be able to swap their unworn jewellery for money that they could put to good use elsewhere.  The options were limited, selling online and having strange people turn up at your door, or dealing with pawn shops and loan sharks…

We thought: why not create a professional, safe, and friendly alternative with low overheads that enables us to pay top rates for gold and silver…a business where the customer wins, and they are pleased to tell their friends?

Sell Gold To Gold Smart

The Birth of Gold Smart

Gold Smart was born.

Today, years later we are constantly looking for ways to provide an even better service, and improving our customer’s experience when selling gold.

Call us today and join the thousands of people who have sold their gold and/or silver (and palladium or platinum) to Gold Smart, and were happy that they did.

How Can I Sell My Scrap Gold

Those who buy and sell jewellery often hear the descriptors of “antique” and “vintage” used in place of one another as if they mean the same thing. There are substantive differences between these two types of jewellery. Both types often have considerably value yet there are nuances between the two varieties that we highlight below.

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery lacks a highly specific definition of antique jewellery. In general, jewellery experts and gold buyers New Zealand consider vintage jewellery to be a piece that is at least two decades old. This is precisely why so many pieces of jewellery are considered vintage as well as antique.

Timepieces from eras and periods of time when certain figureheads and cultures strongly had a strong society-wide influence qualify as vintage jewellery. These eras are as follows:

  1. Vintage retro (sometimes referred to as Post-War) period: 1945 to 1960
  2. Art Deco period: 1915 to 1935
  3. Art Nouveau period: 1895 to 1915
  4. Edwardian period: 1901 to 1910
  5. Victorian period: 1837 to 1901
  6. Georgian period: 1714 to 1837

Antique Jewellery

The primary way to distinguish antique jewellery from vintage jewellery is that antique jewellery is at least a century old. These pieces are further segmented into the time periods outlined above.

Estate Jewellery

Oftentimes, industry veterans use the term “estate jewellery” to refer to pieces that were previously owned and from any of the previously mentioned eras. However, some jewellery aficionados are adamant that estate jewellery is limited to pieces made in the last three decades. In general, jewellery labelled as “estate” is a second-hand piece.

How To Sell Old Jewellery

Why Age Is So Important

Part of the reason why antique and vintage pieces are so coveted is that they make use of metals and objects of considerable beauty and rarity. Yet many of those looking to sell jewellery question what, exactly, makes their piece so rare or special. For many pieces, the mere fact that it is old and still intact is a major component of its high value. Plenty of older pieces of jewellery were crafted with goldsmithing techniques that jewellers and collectors favour over today’s methods.

It is also important to note that as we progress through time, a growing number of older pieces of jewellery are lost. As a result, older pieces are much more likely to be rare and consequently, more valuable. Another factor is whether certain rare materials were used in the creation of the piece. Examples of such rare materials include lucite, bakelite, ceramic, and wood.

Gold Smart is the Best Place to Sell Any Type of Gold

Gold Smart is interested in your gold, whether it is in the form of coins, bullion, jewellery, or scrap gold. We are willing to pay cash for your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Our precious metal appraisals are typically equal to or higher than other gold buyers throughout New Zealand as well as across the globe.

Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives today to learn more about our cash offers for precious metals.

What to Expect When Selling Gold Now

If you live in or near Tauranga and you have gold you would like to sell, you are in the catbird’s seat. The value of gold has steadily increased in recent months due to worldwide economic uncertainty. Selling gold is an excellent way to make some extra money within the confines of the law. Let’s take a look at a few gold-selling tips that will help you get the best price for your stash.

You Might Have Gold in Places You Have not Considered

Gold is used in a variety of consumer goods and luxury items. If you own earrings, pendants, charms, or even broken chains, you probably have at least a small amount of scrap gold on your hands. Most of us grow tired of our old pieces of jewellery and end up passing them down to someone in the family or putting them up for sale.

Today’s gold prices make it awfully tempting to sell. Gold Smart is interested in all of your old pieces of jewellery and other items with gold. We will weigh them, test them, and provide a fair quote on-the-spot.

Gold Hunting can pay off Big-Time

If you have a passion for uncovering hidden items, gold hunting is right up your alley. Hop on the web’s gold hunting message boards and you will be able to get an idea as to whether one of the streams, creeks, or rivers in your town has gold running through its waters. If you find gold in your Tauranga neighbourhood or anywhere else, bring it to Gold Smart.

We are even willing to make an offer on the smallest gold nuggets you uncover. Give gold hunting a chance and you will find it to be a fun activity that generates real money and gets you outside for some exercise. Bear in mind that you might need a permit in order to dig for gold and other precious metals that are not on your property.

Gold Coins

Those who are in the coin collecting business know that gold coins are worth a pretty penny. If you own a gold coin or a multitude of gold coins, you should not hesitate to bring them in for on-site analysis and quote. Gold coin prices differ according to all sorts of factors like age, make, rarity, and condition. We are also interested in your silver and platinum coins as well.

Sell Gold Sovereign Coins in New Zealand

It is Time to Bust out the Silver

Though most do not know it, plenty of household items are made with silver. If you find any item that is marked with “.999”, it is made with silver that can net you a tidy sum of cash. Anything from silverware to cups and baby spoons has the potential to generate good money. Bring all of your silver items into Gold Smart. We will weigh them, test them, and provide you with a no-cost quote that you will find to be quite competitive.

Consider the Value of Your Dental Gold

Though few are aware of it, those old gold fillings in our mouths have the potential to generate a quick influx of cash. If you are a dentist or have an abundance of gold fillings in your mouth, you are literally sitting on a gold mine. Selling your dental gold stash is a fantastic way to earn some extra money. Just make sure to have the dental gold removed from your teeth before trying to sell them.

Selling Gold Bars

Are you considering selling gold in New Zealand? Perhaps you know someone who has gold bars or gold coins and would like to turn these items into money in a day’s time. Anyone looking for a trusted merchant to sell gold coins or sell gold bars in Auckland has found the right place in Gold Smart. We are interested in gold coins and gold bars of every variety.

We Will Bid on Gold in Every Condition

Give us a chance to look at your gold and we will assess its value, provide a quote, and give you the chance to walk out with a wad of cash. You can consider our offer, come back in the future, or bring in another piece or a full collection for analysis. We are the flexible gold buyers Auckland team you have been looking for.

It does not matter if your gold is in terrible condition or excellent shape. We are interested in your gold coins and gold bars regardless of their condition. So, don’t worry about those scrapes, blemishes, scuffs, and other imperfections. There is a good chance we will make a bid on your gold and you will walk out with the money you need.

Sell Gold Bars and Gold Coins in NZ

Turn Gold into Cash Without Delay

Our team is here to assess your gold, make an informed offer, and help you leave with the most money possible. This is the quickest and best way to turn old and unused gold into cold hard cash. So, bring your gold bars and gold coins on in for an evaluation and walk on out with your pockets full of money that you can use for new investments, a night out on the town, a vacation, or anything else you have your heart set on.

Examples of What We Buy

When it comes to gold bars and gold coins, we are interested in paying cash for just about every variety. Bring on in your South African Krugerrands, Perth Mint Gold Kangaroos, Chinese Gold Pandas, Gold Kiwi Bullion Coins, Mexican Peso Gold Bullion, and coins of all other varieties. As long as they are gold, we are interested in buying them. We want your cash bars, gold minted bars, and bars of all other gold varieties. Schedule an appointment, bring them to Gold Smart for a quote and you can walk out with pockets full of cash.

How to Spot Real Gold

Have Gold to Sell? Contact Gold Smart Today

If you have gold coins, gold bars, or gold of any other variety and are considering selling, we are the Auckland buyers you have been looking for. Contact us to schedule an appointment so we can prepare for your arrival and gold assessment. Let us take a look at your gold coins, gold bars, and other varieties of gold.

We will provide a quote and you can be on your way with a nice wad of cash. Contact us today to learn more. You can call us by dialing 0800 465 376. You can also reach us by email at or, use our website’s free Live Chat support feature to learn more.

Sell Gold To Gold Smart

If anyone in your family has passed away, you and your loved ones will be tasked with deciding whether to sell or keep the valuables from your relative’s estate. Gold jewellery and other gold items have considerable value even if they are decades or centuries old. There is no reason to keep these items around any longer when you can sell them for cash in as little as a day’s time. Selling estate jewellery is easier than most think. Gold Smart is here to turn that old, dusty gold jewellery into cash that will make your life easier for years to come.

Sell Estate Gold to Gold Smart as Opposed to an Auction House

Sell gold estate jewellery to Gold Smart and you won’t have to go to the trouble of attempting to sell these valuables at an auction. It is an awful hassle to sell gold jewellery and other estate gold items at auction houses. In many cases, customers are not allowed to sell gold items at auctions as reserves are typically the gold value to start with. Auction houses claim they can provide the highest prices for gold jewellery from estates, other gold items, and other pieces of value.

The truth of the matter is most of those who bid at auctions are not willing to pay a penny more than the gold value of the item in question. In some cases, gold jewellery from estates does not receive a single bid. This is the nightmare scenario Gold Smart will help you avoid.

Though auction houses certainly serve a purpose for some relatives of decedents, an auction transaction that proves mutually beneficial to the seller and buyer is becoming increasingly rare. If you have an extremely unique item, a highly valuable antique, or other rare pieces, it might make sense to bring it to the auction. However, those who understand the dynamics of the precious metals market, estate sales, and auctions are adamant the best option is to make a beeline to a trusted precious metals dealer such as Gold Smart.

Gold Smart Simplifies Estate Jewellery Sales

Gold Smart takes an alternative approach to buying gold from estates. Do business with our precious metals experts and you won’t have to deal with the many challenges of selling at auctions. Gold Smart purchases gold according to its gold content. There is no need to research local auctions, obtain assistance in selling estate gold, and invest an abundance of time hoping someone makes a reasonable offer. We make gold selling quick and easy, so you can move on with life.

Selling Gold in New Zealand

Fair Prices for Estate Gold

Gold Smart refuses to turn customers away simply because their estate gold is outdated, faded, marred or damaged in any other way. We are interested in buying any type of item you have as long as it contains gold. There is no shame in not knowing the full value of your gold items. You may have been inundated with an abundance of gold pieces following your relative’s passing. Perhaps you have not owned gold jewellery, coins, bullion, or other precious metals in the past.

Gold Smart’s precious metals aficionados are here to assess all of your gold pieces, determine their true value, and make a fair offer. We are New Zealand’s most reputable gold buyer for good reason: we let the customer make decisions without applying sales pressure. You will feel completely comfortable in our presence from the moment you contact us to schedule an appointment to the moment you walk out of our doors with a pocketful of money.

Gold Smart is Ready to buy Your Estate Gold Jewellery

Contact Gold Smart before attempting to sell the gold items from your relative’s estate. Give us a call at 0800 465 376 to schedule an appraisal of your gold jewellery and other gold pieces. Whether you have a couple of pieces from the estate in question or dozens, our team is here to perform an honest assessment and send you home with a wad of cash.

You can even reach out to us online by filling out our convenient contact form or clicking “Live chat now” in the upper right corner of our contact page.

Gold Jewellery Can be a Big Financial Boost

The summer is here and that means it is time for some decluttering. If you are like most people, you have acquired an abundance of sundries, many of which you no longer use. Don’t feel bad about these extra items. Just about everyone holds onto possessions thinking they will obtain some utility out of them at some point down the line.

It is time to perform an intake and analysis of all these items now that the warm weather is here. Start out by whittling down your jewellery collection.

Declutter Your Gold Jewellery Collection

There is a good chance you have some old gold jewellery that you no longer use. Instead of keeping it in storage and allowing it to collect dust, consider selling it. Your old gold jewellery really is worth good money. Whether it is a gold earring, gold necklace, gold ring, or other pieces of gold jewellery, it represents cash. Even the smallest piece of gold jewellery will fetch some money. Though the piece might not be resold in its original form, it still has solid value thanks to its gold content.

How to Approach the Rest of the Decluttering Process

Decluttering your entire home will take some time. Start off with a small decluttering project like the gold jewellery one described above. Consider devoting an hour each night for a week so you can attack one room or section of your home at a time. As you declutter, separate items into four different piles. The first is a “sell” pile. The second is a “donate” pile. The third is a “keep” pile. The final pile is for items that should be trashed. If your items have any sort of value, do not put them in the “trash” pile. When in doubt, try to sell or donate your extra items to make some extra money or out someone in need.

How To Sell Old Jewellery

The Power of Decluttering

Once you have decluttered your old gold jewellery and other items, you will feel an overwhelming sense of peace. You will have an abundance of open space, plenty of extra money, and the joy that comes from eliminating excesses. You will also feel a sense of relief to boot. It is awfully refreshing to get rid of those extra items that you no longer use.

Furthermore, selling your old gold jewellery will fatten your pockets with some much-needed cash that you can spend on new experiences, save for a rainy day, or invest. This really is a cleansing process that will get you on the right path for the summer.

Gold Smart Wants Your Old Gold Jewellery

Gold Smart is ready and willing to pay for your old gold jewellery. Analyse your gold jewellery collection, figure out which pieces you no longer desire and we will give you a quote on the double. The end result will be an influx of cash, more open space, and a calming peace of mind.

Contact Gold Smart today to learn more about how you can sell your gold jewellery, gold coins, bullion, silver, and platinum.

How to Sell a Rolex Watch

Timeless Beauty of Gold Watches

Men and women alike have always had a love affair with fine timepieces. When it comes to watches, there’s something about gold watches in general that really appeals to most people. The gold itself is very attractive, of course, and the weight of the fine gold watch on your wrist lets you know that not only can you tell time accurately but also that you have something that’s been crafted beautifully and can be handed down from one generation to the next.

Watch Out for Counterfeit Gold Watches

There is one problem with gold watches, however, especially some of the top-line gold watches like Rolex, in that there is a very large market for counterfeit gold watches. Not only does this make it difficult for buyers who are seeking to find a fine gold watch at a bargain price but can also be a problem for those who wish to sell their gold watch and use the money to pay down debt, start a small business or otherwise need quick cash.

Indeed, it can be a very nasty surprise to find out that the “valuable” gold watch they have is actually a forgery made from lesser metals or is gold-plated. The fact is however that the technology exists today to make counterfeit gold watches so well that it takes special equipment in order to confirm and/or refute their authenticity.

Check if Your Watch is Authentic Gold

What that means for you, the consumer who’s looking to sell your gold watch is that you need to first determine if your watch is (hopefully) an authentic gold watch.

One of the best authorities in the world on gold watches is the Swiss Customs Service. They advise that even if you pay a very high price for your gold watch it doesn’t guarantee that it’s authentic, and neither does any indication of “fineness” that you might find on your watch. They also cautioned that “hallmarks” can be easily forged these days and that many consumers have purchased a gold watch because of the hallmark, only to find that it’s a cheaper, gold plated copy. (They also go on to say that there are legitimately produced gold plated watches, but if you believe that yours is solid gold you are still being deceived.)

You can actually be the owner of an authentic solid gold watch even if it doesn’t have a hallmark. For example, in the United States, a jeweller must actually have what’s called a “makers mark” in order to also put a hallmark on any pieces that they design.

Even for the most experienced of jewellers it’s practically impossible to simply look at a gold watch and help deduce whether it’s solid gold or not. That’s why most jewellers have simple tools that they can use in order to make sure, including something called nitric acid which doesn’t react to gold but does react to other, cheaper base metals. Similar testing needs to also be performed in order to determine what “karat” that the gold your gold watch is made from happens to be. (The hallmark usually shows this as 10k, 14k, 18k, etc.)

We Buy Solid Gold Watches for Excellent Prices

Here at Gold Smart, we purchase only solid gold watches and we pay excellent prices for them. When you sell your watch to Gold Smart you can rest assured that we’ll tell you exactly what it is worth and give you an extremely fair and competitive price for your timepiece.  In fact, we urge all of our customers to first go online and Google our name. What you’ll find is a high volume of excellent reviews from our customers showing that we indeed do take good care of them.

So if you need to cash fast and you’d like to sell your gold watch, no matter what brand it happens to me, give us a call, and let’s talk. We’ll give you straightforward, honest advice and, if you like what you hear, we’ll give you an excellent price for your gold watch.

We Buy Solid Gold Watches for Excellent Prices

Should You Sell Your Gold to A Pawn Shop?

If you want to sell some gold to put a little more cash in your pocket or bank account, you have numerous choices of where to go. Often a pawn shop will include gold buying as one of the services offered. To help you decide of a pawn shop is the place to sell your gold, here are three top reasons to use this type of gold buyer.

Reason 1:

The pawn shop needs your business so it can cover the high rents of keeping a storefront or kiosk in the shopping centre. The convenience of the shopping centre should be more important to you than getting the best price for your gold.

Reason 2:

You like showing your gold pieces in public where everyone around can see what you have and what you are selling. You really do not want to conduct this type of business in the private office of a professional gold buyer.

Reason 3:

You understand that pawn shops do not really take advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable. Pawn shops are closer to charitable organizations and do not try to maximize their profits on the troubles of others.

Better Option to Sell Gold

OK, maybe these are not good reasons or entirely accurate reasons to do business with pawn shops as gold buyers. It is very possible you would be better served by a gold buyer where buying gold is the only business and the company works to keep down expenses, give the best prices, and provides a location that allows you to conduct business in safety and privacy. Taking a little more time to work with professionals always produces a better result.

Gold Exchange Wellington

If you are like most people, you have shelled out hard-earned money for your gold. Perhaps you safeguarded your gold for years on end, hoping to eventually make a tidy profit. When the time comes to sell your gold, do not accept anything less than a fair offer. Though getting the most out of your gold will take some research and effort, it will be well worth it in the end. Follow the advice set forth below and you will greatly increase the odds of a profitable sale.

Perform a Comprehensive Inventory of Your Jewellery and Silverware Collection

Gather all of the jewellery you would like to sell and set it on a table. Inspect each item for precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. There is a good chance that your jewellery will have at least a small amount of one of these precious metals. Collect all of the silverware you no longer desire as well.

If your jewellery is broken, disfigured, or discoloured, don’t fret. As long as it contains precious metals, it has some value. Even pins, brooches, and pendants might contain silver or gold that scores you a nice wad of cash. Such “scrap” can be worth a pretty penny if you have enough of it or particularly rare pieces.

Read up on Karat Value

Gold is priced by karats. This precious metal is available in an array of alloys. The purest alloy is referred to as 24 karat gold or “24-k” for short. When someone mentions 14k, 18k, and beyond, it is a reference to parts of 24. As an example, 14k means 14/24ths of an item is gold. Continuing onward, 14 divided by 24 equals 0.583 or 58.3 percent of gold. Every gold seller should be aware that the purest gold is incredibly soft so the majority of jewellery is designed with a lesser karat weight.

A seller will be paid according to his item’s karat weight. It is prudent to take a look at the stamp on the interior of your jewellery to find out this weight. If there is no such stamp, don’t panic. One of our experienced precious metal buyers will test your item to determine its gold or silver content. So come on into our Auckland office and meet with our gold aficionados in person. We will provide an honest assessment of your jewellery and address any questions or concerns you have.

Only do Business with a Respected Gold Buyer

Reputable gold buyers like Gold Smart have physical offices in Auckland where you can meet with our friendly personnel. Our exemplary in-person customer service is a stark contrast to other gold outfits. As the web has expanded, more and more precious metal buyers have set up shady websites without any sort of physical location. This is a major red flag for anyone who is interested in selling gold or other precious metals. Do not ship out your gold or other valuables to an online business. There are plenty of scam artists out there who will set up phony websites to sucker unsuspecting people into shipping off their gold in anticipation of a subsequent payment that never actually materializes.

When in doubt, only do business with gold buyers like Gold Smart who have a brick and mortar facility. Always check out the reviews posted on the web as well as each business’s Better Business Bureau report. Take a look at Gold Smart’s reviews and you will find that we are the best place to buy gold and sell gold in New Zealand. Also, do not pay a prospective gold buyer to check or test your items. Such tests should always be performed at no cost to the seller.

Gold Appraisal:Trusted Gold Buyer

Have Your Gold Appraised

Attempting to sell your gold without a recent analysis of its value is a grave mistake. The value of gold fluctuates as time progresses. The appraisal you obtained for your gold items a couple of years ago will no longer be accurate. Bring your gold and other precious metals into Gold Smart and our team will test it right away. If the piece does not have a stamp, it will likely be necessary to make a diminutive scratch so a test can be performed with a lightly acidic solution that turns colours. These colours identify the gold’s karat weight.

Our team might also utilize a unique magnet and/or electrical scanner pen that gauges whether the item is actually a legitimate precious metal or diamond. This process is quite entertaining to observe. Our professional dealer will perform the test(s) in plain view so you don’t have to worry about him mishandling your valuables.

Furthermore, you should have all antique items, collector’s items and brand name pieces appraised through a licensed appraiser. His appraisal will provide you with the official market of each piece so you can get an idea as to their true value. You just might find that the melted value is greater than the sale value or vice versa. One caveat to keep in mind: Do not pay an appraiser a percentage of your piece’s value. Charging such a fee is egregiously unethical. There should always be a pre-established fee for each piece that is to be appraised.

Don’t Forget Your Identification!

The vast majority of gold buyers will refuse to purchase gold or other precious metals if you lack proper identification. The logic for such a refusal is that the items could be stolen from the rightful owner and brought in for a quick “flip”. Gold buyers worth their salt will confirm that the seller is actually the owner of the items for sale and record his personal information in case it turns out that the items have been pilfered from another party.

If you stumble upon a gold buyer who fails to take such precautions, you have likely encountered an illegal operation. Such a shady enterprise probably won’t give you a fair price for your gold. Move on to a trustworthy business like Gold Smart and you won’t have to concern yourself with such shenanigans.