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It’s frustrating when competitors email and call us trying to find out what makes Gold Smart unique and successful. We posted recently about Balazs Kiss appropriating content, design, ideas, images and other intellectual property from our website. The copyright infringement was so blatant and obvious due to them duplicating large parts of our original copy and even leaving our name in the text.

A few days after making this post we received a call from the marketing manager at Weta Digital. They were concerned that their name was mentioned in our blog post yet avoided challenging us on any of the information presented in the article. They also confirmed that Balazs was working for Weta in Wellington. Their approach was friendly and they mentioned that the post had caught their attention. Naturally our intention was to present the facts and let others decide what they thought of the details.

Weta Digital are known for their amazing Oscar winning visual effects pioneered on Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Avatar and others. We mentioned to Dave that emails and contacts were made from Weta Digital IP addresses, domains and email address. In our minds this would be concerning for any company as the employee had time enough to be sending such contact and doing so while on the company network.

Orginating IP Address from the Weta Digital domain

After talking with the marketing manager we felt it reasonable to remove their name from the post as they assured us he would be forwarding the information to his superiors and someone would be talking with Peter Kiss about the matter. This was nearly a month ago and despite a follow up call and email we have received no further reply from them.

Given the response to the copyright infringement we received when we first became aware that content had been taken, we felt that it important enough to make a blog post about the details.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments.