Is Your Scrap Gold Worth Anything? Why You Shouldn’t Throw it Away
Posted on: 13th October 2016 By Alisson

If you own any sort of scrap gold, you should know it has value. Too many people errantly throw out scrap gold, assuming it is worthless due to its age, unsightly appearance or diminutive size. The truth is that scrap gold really is worth good money. Abide by this mantra when it comes to scrap … Continue reading Is Your Scrap Gold Worth Anything? Why You Shouldn’t Throw it Away

Sell Gold NZ
Posted on: 12th May 2016 By Alisson

Gold is a precious metal that has always been valuable. It will likely continue to hold its value, if not gain in value, far into the future. Gold has served a number of important purposes throughout history, ranging from being used in jewellery to medical devices and even spacecraft. The Push to Pinpoint all Sources … Continue reading Sell Gold NZ

Gold Buyers in New Zealand
Posted on: 4th April 2016 By Alisson

Gold is one of the most valuable commodities in the world. It withstands the test of time in ways that not many other metals do. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the jewellery created from it is worn by men, women, and children. In different cultures it’s given as gifts on special … Continue reading Gold Buyers in New Zealand

New Zealand Gold Merchants Engaged in Copyright Infringement
Posted on: 3rd March 2014 By Anita

New Zealand Gold Merchants Limited – under the website “22karat dot co dot nz” have been found copying content from our website. NZ Gold Merchants which is based at 49 Angle Street, Onehunga, Auckland, have taken text from our website and used it on their own site. See the below image for an example taken … Continue reading New Zealand Gold Merchants Engaged in Copyright Infringement Advertising Claims
Posted on: 21st February 2013 By Anita

At Gold Smart we welcome customers to price compare, as time and again they will come back and sell to the company that has the best services and prices. However companies have a legal obligation under section 9 of the Fair Trading Act 1986 not to be misleading when comparing prices. It came to our … Continue reading Advertising Claims

Sell Gold Christchurch
Posted on: 7th January 2013 By Anita

Many customers in Christchurch found they have jewellery that they don’t wear, needing repair or they don’t even remember they have. An easy way to earn some extra cash is to have a clean-up around the house gathering gold and silver items not in use anymore. We are constantly buying from customers in Christchurch. Our … Continue reading Sell Gold Christchurch

There is Still Time to Sell Gold and Silver
Posted on: 20th December 2012 By Anita

The Christmas holiday season is a meaningful moment in the year. It is time to rethink values, to ponder on life and everything that surrounds it. It is also time to redo plans, assess decisions we’ve made through the year and resume the path to an increasingly happy life. Soon there will be 365 new … Continue reading There is Still Time to Sell Gold and Silver

Reputation and Online Reviews
Posted on: 15th November 2012 By Anita

At Gold Smart we are naturally very proud of our impressive list of glowing customer testimonials. It’s unique among gold buyers in New Zealand and reflective of our genuine rapport and respect for others. We had an aggressive email a few weeks ago sent by a Mr Daniel King who was concerned that our testimonials were “fake” and he threatened … Continue reading Reputation and Online Reviews

24-Carat Gold iPhone 5, Yours For Only US$4,700
Posted on: 25th October 2012 By Anita

As Gold Buyers in New Zealand we see some interesting jewellery items, however we are yet to see a 24 carat gold iPhone 5! We’d be happy if that did happen because we love the new iPhone 5 and couldn’t think of anything more novel than wrapping it in pure gold (24ct). Watch below the … Continue reading 24-Carat Gold iPhone 5, Yours For Only US$4,700

How Gold is formed?
Posted on: 18th October 2012 By Anita

This precious metal came to life in the same fashion as all other chemical elements – nuclear fusion. In the period of formation of the solar system, 15 billion years ago, the nuclei of hydrogen and helium atoms, the simplest elements, combined with high temperatures, gave rise to more complex elements, such as gold. On … Continue reading How Gold is formed?

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