There Is Still Time To Sell Gold And Silver
Posted on: 15th December 2014 By Anita

The Christmas holiday season is a meaningful moment in the year. It is time to rethink values, to ponder on life and everything that surrounds it. It is also time to redo plans, assess decisions we’ve made through the year and resume the path to an increasingly happy life. Soon there will be 365 new … Continue reading There Is Still Time To Sell Gold And Silver

Get Ready for Christmas by Selling Silver
Posted on: 14th November 2012 By Anita

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us have already started making plans for the holidays – where to go, what to do, how to organise gifts for everyone, and so on… It can be an exciting time; a time of sharing, gatherings with family and friends, but at the same time it can be quite … Continue reading Get Ready for Christmas by Selling Silver

Sell your Silver Today!
Posted on: 26th September 2012 By Anita

About a month ago we reported on our blog that it’s a great time to sell silver. This is still true today. Prices have been at these new high levels for some time now and nobody knows for sure whether this trend will continue or not. The silver price can indeed fluctuate, sometimes at a … Continue reading Sell your Silver Today!

Great Time to Sell Silver
Posted on: 30th August 2012 By Anita

It’s time to clean out your cupboards for old silver cutlery, serving sets and chunky silver jewellery. Within just 2 weeks the silver prices have risen a whopping 11% to reach a 4 month-high, making now a very good time to sell. The first thing to do is ensure your silver is solid silver. The … Continue reading Great Time to Sell Silver

What Makes Gold Buyers NZ Different?
Posted on: 5th June 2012 By Anita

This is a quick message to talk about how we are different and focused. For starters we are not a pawn shop, a kiosk in a shopping mall, a payday advance company or anything similar. Our service and philosophy is different in every way from those types of businesses. Gold Smart is focused on buying only precious … Continue reading What Makes Gold Buyers NZ Different?

Silver Buyers NZ
Posted on: 22nd May 2012 By Anita

Selling silver is quite profitable right now with the recent gains in silver prices. There’s many types of forms that old silver can come in including silver jewellery, scrap silver, coins, bullion and sterling silver. In the past five years the price of silver is up over 106% (in New Zealand dollars), however prices in … Continue reading Silver Buyers NZ

Create a Christmas spending plan to save money
Posted on: 12th December 2011 By Anita

Christmas is the time of year to celebrate and enjoy time with family and loved ones. On the other hand this can easily become a time of stress, due to financial commitments and pressures. Even though there are only a couple of weeks to go it’s never too late to save money this year, start … Continue reading Create a Christmas spending plan to save money

Why is gold so valuable?
Posted on: 3rd November 2011 By Anita

In human society we have developed various systems and methods for trading goods and services. Over time most cultures have come to use paper money as the preferred method to exchange value. Paper money is light, portable, uniform and generally non-degradable. In some places in Africa, shells were used as currency. Ancient Roman soldiers were … Continue reading Why is gold so valuable?

Tips for Selling Silver
Posted on: 1st August 2011 By Anita

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of those ugly old silver bars that have been cluttering up your draws! As gold buyers you may be rightly unsure if we also buy silver bullion, however the answer is a very clear YES! The photo below was taken of a recent purchase from a customer and show … Continue reading Tips for Selling Silver