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In recent days, the new headlines, especially the financial news, have been focused on the very sharp decline in the market price of gold. While it is true that short term traders and investors have taken a hit on their gold investments, you should also be aware that by historical standards the value of gold remains very high. If you want to sell some gold, what you could receive for your gold pieces will still represent that historically high value.

As this is being written, the New York market price for gold is $1,370 per ounce. Only a few years ago, an ounce was worth less than $1,000 and gold is worth nearly four times where is stood 10 years ago. However, many pundits do believe that gold could drop as low as $1,250 during the current pull-back, so if you are thinking about selling it may be time to stop thinking and start driving to your local gold buyer.

So while the experts may disagree on which way gold will go next and recent events have made some investors a little poorer and news writers a little happier with an exciting story to cover, if you want to convert some jewellery or other items to cash, the newsy price drop is not that large relative to historical values and you may end up with a handsome amount of cash in hand. It cannot hurt to get a price quote.

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