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It’s interesting and fascinating to see the variety of uses for cash that customers have when selling gold jewellery to Gold Smart. We’ve helped people find deposits for houses, romantic holidays away, purchase new cars, freedom from debt, gourmet dinners, gym memberships, VIP movie tickets, University and school fees, and too many others to list!

As Gold Buyers in Auckland it’s great to see so many Kiwis unlocking hidden value stored in old gold and silver jewellery. It’s amazing what a small amount of gold can be worth especially if the carat of gold is high (such as 18ct, 22ct or 24ct). Much of this type of gold may have been purchased from overseas such as India, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc where gold is traded on weight and carat (generally not design value).

Many customers are also seeing the value in selling silver as the trading price of the underlying precious metal has been moving higher since the start of this year. There’s a lot of money tied up in the old silverware set from Grandma!

What’s your gold and silver jewellery really worth? Check out our testimonials and see our Value Guarantee – only available from Gold Smart!