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‘EzyCash Gold Buyers’ Apology Letter for Copyright Infringement

[Without Prejudice]

As reported earlier, we take copyright infringement seriously at Gold Smart because of the hard work and time that goes into producing original content. Back in June we discovered that ‘EzyCash Gold Buyers‘ had directly taken copy from our website to theirs – which we reported on and provided images to show examples.

We had our lawyers send them notice to remove any infringing content which they quickly addressed and provided this letter by reply. Overall we appreciate their honestly in admitting to the error, unreserved apology and speed to reply. This is a good approach to take and helped to defuse the situation.

At Gold Smart we take copyright infringement, trademark infringement and ghost-writing seriously. We will continue our ‘name and shame’ policy for anyone who decides to breach the Fair Trading Act and/or our copyright content.