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The days of wearing large gold chains, necklaces and bracelets are fading as the fashion trends have moved to white gold, platinum and silver. As buyers of interesting jewellery items we have noticed a strong movement towards customers buying lighter, simpler and more fashionable jewellery.

Many customers say to us that it feels ostentatious to wear heavy yellow gold jewellery while in public, not to mention the security concerns. Naturally New Zealand women can be more understated and ‘less showy’ of outward signs of wealth. The idea of presenting your financial position through jewellery is not something that appeals to everyone. Gold jewellery has been used as a favorite form of adornment since the beginning of time, bringing out a woman’s best features, making us feel great and perhaps even attracting a mate!

White gold and silver can look stunning – found from the catwalks of Milan to the upmarket suburbs of Auckland. Selling gold is a great way to move forward and leave the 1980s in the past!