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With the financial pressures prevalent around Christmas time, it can be all too easy to spend more than what we budget.

A survey recently conducted on New Years Resolutions placed resolving debt second to losing weight and well ahead of quitting smoking. Getting into debt is a lot like putting on weight or a heavy load. One logical way to ease this burden is to sell gold jewellery that you have no use for anymore.

Customers who decide to sell their gold on many occasions have done so to reduce debt or fund activities that would otherwise have put them into debt, and we commend them on doing this. It’s a positive step towards their financial future and peace of mind. As well as addressing the debt it can be closure from a past relationship or acquaintance.

One customer had the option of loaning money through a pawn shop against the jewellery. In this case at a monthly interest rate of 30% (annual interest rate of 360%!) and she quickly concluded that it would have been difficult to repay and easily trapped into this vicious cycle of debt.

By selling a small handful of jewellery she hadn’t worn in over ten years she had enough to pay off her credit card and buy school uniforms and equipment for her children without having to go further into debt. She felt great about it which is what the Gold Smart experience is all about.

Whether it’s freedom from debt or a simple way to treat yourself after all the Christmas mayhem, it’s a great time to get more cash for your gold from Gold Smart.