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A Golden Opportunity for Smart People
Posted on: 7th June 2010 By Anita

There’s a new business in town that’s helping you get the best price for your unwanted gold. Gold Smart was founded to provide a friendly, confidential and professional service to help people sell their unwanted gold for cash. The company is based in central Auckland with reps in the North Island and more to be…

Gold Price per Gram – New Zealand
Posted on: 28th May 2010 By Anita

Unless you live in a cave you’ll have heard about the record high gold prices per ounce – at the time of writing the price of gold is around US$1212 per ounce! The prices of gold have doubled in recent years meaning the old gold jewellery that you no longer need or wear can be…

Police crackdown on secondhand dealers – Don’t take the risk!
Posted on: 23rd April 2010 By Anita

Would you sell your jewellery to people that buy from criminals? It’s common knowledge that there are companies and certain individuals that have no problem buying items of suspicious origin. It turns out this has not gone unnoticed by the New Zealand Police and about 240 police officers executed 44 search warrants on Wednesday and…

Gold kiosks panned for poor prices
Posted on: 20th February 2010 By Anita

By ROB STOCK – Sunday Star Times All that glitters: Mall gold buyers have been criticised for low pricesKIOSKS HAVE sprung up in shopping malls all over the country offering to buy your unwanted gold as US dollar prices soar, but they may not always offer the best deal for those tempted to sell. GoldBuyers…