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Prawn Shop? Seafood or Something Else?
Posted on: 14th February 2010 By Anita

At Gold Smart we’re not sure if these guys are selling seafood or something else! Either way it might be worth avoiding! There has been much written recently about the horrendous interest rates New Zealand “Loan Sharks” charge vulnerable Kiwis – we think this is both unethical and immoral. If you need cash you should…

How to Sell Gold – Selling Gold Jewellery, Gold Coins & Gold Bars
Posted on: 14th December 2009 By Anita

Are you ready to turn carats into cash? The team at Gold Smart are buying gold in large quantities and for the highest prices in years. Worn, damaged and out-of-style gold jewellery represents a great way to create cash when you need it. A lot of people ask us how do I sell gold and…

How to Sell Gold in New Zealand? As seen on TV
Posted on: 6th December 2009 By Anita

Gold Smart (New Zealand’s leading gold buyers) are happy to announce our new TV commercial coming to a screen near you! Anita from Gold Smart says, “Gold Smart offers the most competitive and professional service for people wanting to sell their worn and out-of-style gold for cash. Being open and transparent we are creating a…

Gold Price Brings Extra Christmas Cheer
Posted on: 3rd December 2009 By Anita

Yes, it is indeed that time of year again. With weeks to go to Christmas now’s the time to free up some extra spending money by cleaning out the unworn jewellery in the drawer gathering dust. Here are some excellent ideas from Gold Smart customers putting their cash to great use: Attending a relatives wedding…