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We Buy Gold (not fridges or mountain bikes)
Posted on: 3rd December 2009 By Anita

We all know what “pawn shops” are about – making loans to people that can’t afford them, paying low rates on anything you sell them and then reselling these items at a significant mark-up. It could be said that this goes beyond just perception, it’s reality – if the stories customers tell us are true.…

Thieves Targeting Gold Jewellery – How Safe is Your Gold?
Posted on: 16th November 2009 By Anita

At Gold Smart we hear from people that have had gold jewellery items stolen and want to know if we’ve seen any similar items come through. It seems that opportunistic thieves know that the price of gold is high and one lady recently told us that she’d been burgled and they only thing they took…

Spring Cleaning – Time to Sell Gold
Posted on: 22nd October 2009 By Anita

Spring and Summer seem to have finally arrived in New Zealand – the lambs are jumping, the birds are singing and the grass is growing. Spring is the time of year to clean out old stuff, leave the past behind and move forward into the new season. Spring has also brought continued high gold prices…

Diamond Buyers – Which One is Real?
Posted on: 15th October 2009 By Anita

All that glitters is sometimes not real! Can you tell which is the real diamond in the image to the right? Even the experts have been fooled by artificial diamonds called “Synthetic Moissanite”, diamond simulants or just “Moissanite” after the mineral name. Wikipedia States: “Mineral moissanite was discovered by Henri Moissan while examining rock samples…