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Selling Gold Bullion or Gold Coins?
Posted on: 8th October 2009 By Anita

Do you have 1oz Gold Kiwis, Canadian Gold Maples, Gold Eagles, Gold Krugerands, Gold Sovereigns, Gold Pandas, or any other gold bullion to sell? It’s a great time to cash in on high gold prices on Gold Bullion and Coins that are sitting around not generating interest or paying bills! Gold Coins can come from…

Gold Smart Announces GOLD PARTNER Network
Posted on: 6th October 2009 By Anita

At Gold Smart much of our business comes from happy customers referring us to their friends and family to sell gold. And we thought why don’t we reward referrals? The result is our new GOLD PARTNER Affiliate Network where you can get rewarded for every person you refer to us that sells gold! The simple…

Why Gold Jewellery is Not an Investment
Posted on: 8th September 2009 By Anita

Gold jewellery and diamonds for many years have been sold and promoted as great “investments”. You can see this any time you go into a jewellery store or see advertising selling gold jewellery. At Gold Smart we think gold jewellery is as much of an investment as a new car – it loses at least…

Gold Jewellery Fashion Shockers
Posted on: 5th September 2009 By Anita

It’s not just Mr T. that’s been responsible for some shocking gold jewellery crimes! The question is really what does your old gold jewellery say about you? Big and showy gold Jewellery is out and it’s time to clear that large belcher necklace and bracelet from your draw and move on! Fashion changes and so…