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Exchange Rates & Gold Prices
Posted on: 14th October 2009 By Anita

At Gold Smart we’ve had a lot of people calling wanting to know what their gold bullion and gold coins are worth. Naturally we prefer to deal with serious sellers that are wanting to move on their earlier purchases. It’s great news that gold prices have been at record highs and continue to remain strong…

Yellow vs. White Gold
Posted on: 13th October 2009 By Anita

Fashion is a strange master and where she goes people are sure to follow! Advertisers have perfected the art of selling you things you don’t need and we’ve all been guilty of buying something on a whim that in hindsight we really didn’t need. Many sellers of gold to Gold Smart are saying that Yellow…

Selling Gold Bullion or Gold Coins?
Posted on: 8th October 2009 By Anita

Do you have 1oz Gold Kiwis, Canadian Gold Maples, Gold Eagles, Gold Krugerands, Gold Sovereigns, Gold Pandas, or any other gold bullion to sell? It’s a great time to cash in on high gold prices on Gold Bullion and Coins that are sitting around not generating interest or paying bills! Gold Coins can come from…

Gold Smart Announces GOLD PARTNER Network
Posted on: 6th October 2009 By Anita

At Gold Smart much of our business comes from happy customers referring us to their friends and family to sell gold. And we thought why don’t we reward referrals? The result is our new GOLD PARTNER Affiliate Network where you can get rewarded for every person you refer to us that sells gold! The simple…