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Is it real Gold?
Posted on: 4th September 2009 By Anita

How can you tell when you come to sell gold that your “gold” is real gold? At Gold Smart we often see items that appear to be real gold jewellery and unfortunately sometimes turn out to be not gold or only gold plated (GP/P). The first and most easy thing to look for is hallmarks…

Is it time to sell Gold?
Posted on: 2nd September 2009 By Anita

At Gold Smart we’re often asked is now a good time to sell gold, gold coins, gold bullion, broken gold, and old gold jewellery. Our answer is yes! With gold prices at record levels it’s a great time to turn your out-dated items into cash. When items come in such as small diamond engagement rings…

Sell Gold – The “Precious” Metal
Posted on: 28th August 2009 By Anita

Gold the precious metal so long coveted is now being exchanged for cold hard cash. The uncertainty in the global economy and the record high price of gold is leading to many people looking for new ways to find some extra cash. “It’s simple – gather up any old gold jewellery you may have (including…

Saying Goodbye to Your Ex
Posted on: 22nd August 2009 By Anita

At gold smart we’ve had several people wanting to sell ‘ex’ jewellery and gifts, which inspired today’s blog post. Rather than having jewellery sit there in a drawer reminding them about their ex, people are deciding to “Say Goodbye”. Selling your scrap gold to gold smart is really the perfect solution if you want to…