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Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland
Posted on: 22nd September 2017 By Alisson

Gold and silver sellers in and around Auckland take note: Gold Smart is in the market for your precious metals. Whether you have gold bullion, silver coins, jewellery with precious metals or other items containing precious metals, Gold Smart is your go-to merchant. Why Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland Trust Gold Smart When you sell…

Sell Jewellery in Auckland
Posted on: 11th September 2017 By Alisson

If you are looking for a place to sell jewellery in Auckland, look no further than Gold Smart. We take great pride in being New Zealand's top jewellery buyer. We are especially interested in jewellery that contains gold, silver and other precious metals. Sell Jewellery Auckland in a Comfortable, Stress-free Environment Gold Smart is the…

Sell Jewellery
Posted on: 29th August 2017 By Alisson

Gold Smart is proud to provide New Zealand residents with a safe and inviting place to sell jewellery. We have years of experience serving those looking to sell jewellery in New Zealand. Schedule an appointment, bring your gold or silver jewellery in for an appraisal and you will find our prices are quite competitive. The…

Sell Silver Coin
Posted on: 14th August 2017 By Alisson

Silver coins vary in value according to their age and a number of other characteristics. Plenty of old coins are primarily valued by their level of silver. Yet the price of silver changes on a daily basis. The value of your silver coins today might be considerably different from their value in a week, a month,…