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Many BMW fans will likely be horrified by the customised ‘paint job’ that this Z4 has endured.┬áBut a rare few may actually love it.

At the very least it’s difficult not to appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this dragon auto-job.

Gold BMW

A matter of taste: To some this might be their dream BMW ‘paint-job’ but it’s unlikely to appeal to the masses.

BMW Gold Dragon

The scaly vehicle is made from yak bone, each scale decorated or painted gold.

But effort is no guarantee of achievement, and its questionable whether anyone would genuinely be seen in this vehicle.

Or whether it could still get anywhere near the Z4’s usual top speed of 156mph.

Sprayed a gaudy gold, the BMW Z4 has then painstakingly been adorned with the limbs of a dragon, including legs and feet with golden claws, wings on the scissor doors, a tail that sashays behind it and a bonnet that is covered in scales.

Each and every scale is made from the bone of China’s indigenous mountain yak, and is designed with a dragon-inspired pattern.

Dragon Gold BMW

The dragon’s claws clasp around the car’s wheels.

BMW Gold

A fiery tail sashays from the Z4’s boot.

It might be eye-catching, but whether or not the vehicle performs well is another question, given the excess weight from the bone, and resistance from the design.

The unique design was on display last week at the China Import and Export Fair, in the southern Guangdong province.

It’s not known if this model was for sale – and if so, if it sold – but it certainly stood out from the crowd.

BMW Gold Dragon

The vehicle’s bonnet is entirely covered in the boney scales, forming the dragon’s giant nose.

BMW Gold Dragon Bone

Baffled: The unusual design got some bizarre looks from spectators attending the trade fair in the southern Guangdong province.

Gold Dragon BMW

It is not known if the unique model was for sale at the import/export trade fair.

Bone Gold BMW

Difficult to miss: The BMW Z4 has then painstakingly been adorned with the limbs of a dragon.

Original Source: Daily Mail