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Gold buyers in Christchurch are raving about Gold Smart for good reason. We take just about every type of gold, even if it is an old, worn or an odd-looking piece that you suspect has no value. If you have gold of any variety, contact us today for an assessment. Here’s why we are the best in the business.

Gold Buyers Christchurch

The Gold Buyers You Have Been Looking For

If you are thinking about selling gold in Christchurch, you should know Gold Smart is widely revered as a trusted gold buyer. Thousands of Kiwis have done business with us and returned for additional transactions across posterity. We are especially proud of this high customer retention rate. It is a testament to our professionalism, fair prices and customer service. Ask around and people throughout Christchurch and the rest of New Zealand will not hesitate to tell you all about how Gold Smart’s prices beat out the competition.

Quick and Easy Sales That put Money in Your Hand

There is no sense in keeping your outdated, tarnished and/or unsightly gold around the house or elsewhere. We make the gold selling process as easy as possible so you can get the cash you need. Whether your gold item has gone out of fashion or if it no longer has the sentimental meaning it once had, we will give you cash so you can move on to a new item or invest the proceeds. Our gold buying team makes the transaction as easy as possible. We have a “no-pressure” mantra so our customers feel completely at-ease when interacting with Gold Smart professionals. Our aim is to keep you comfortable throughout the duration of the selling process so you spread the word about Gold Smart’s friendly customer service to friends, family and others.

We Will buy Your Gold Unless It has the Following Characteristics

Gold Smart provides an offer for just about every piece of gold or item containing gold. However, there are a few exceptions. When in doubt, bring your gold in for a thorough analysis. In general, we do not purchase metals that are not precious. Examples of such metals include brass, copper and iron. Nor will we make an offer on gemstones like opals, pearls or crystals. If you have costume jewellery, or rare coins without precious metals, we won’t make an offer. Faux diamonds like zirconia will not be considered for purchase. Finally, Gold Smart is not interested in jewellery or other items that have a thin coating of gold. Examples include gold leaf, rolled gold, gold plated etc. We are looking for solid gold construction.

Obtain a Quote Today

If you have an item containing gold, it is time to consider selling. You can turn a profit and use the proceeds for a vacation, a new luxury item, dinner at a fancy restaurant or another investment. We encourage all gold owners to contact us to get a gauge as to what their gold is worth. You can even contact us online. Be sure to include the following information in your request: the type of gold you have, specific information about the gold content and the weight in troy ounces or grams. Give us as much distinguishing information as possible so we can pinpoint a fair market price for your gold. You can also bring your gold in to our brick-and-mortar location for analysis and a free quote.