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As Gold Buyers in New Zealand we see some interesting jewellery items, however we are yet to have a solid gold iPad come through! We’d be happy if that did happen because we love the iPad and couldn’t think of anything better than wrapping it in 2.5 kilos pure gold (24ct).

Here’s the full article:

Dubbed the iPad2 Gold History Edition, this bespoke beauty by designer Stuart Hughes looks set to hold the record for the most expensive tablet device on the market for a long time yet.

Let’s break down what you’ll get for a cool £5 million. First, the 24ct gold back, with the Apple logo drenched in 53 individually set ‘I’F’ Flawless white diamonds totalling 12.5cts.

Second, the front frame, overlain with exotic Canadian Ammolite, one of the world’s oldest gemstones and carbon-dated at 75 million years old. Like truffle over pasta, the frame is further jazzed up by mixing shavings of the thighbone of a T-rex into the already ancient mineral. Still not impressed? The home button’s encrusted with a single, 8.5ct Flawless diamond, set in platinum and surrounded by a supporting cast of 12 flawless diamonds. Only two of these superluxe gadgets have been made, so join the queue!