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Gold Smart customers often ask what happens to the gold and silver that we purchase. Basically our gold buying service is related to our gold refining methods and processes. Almost all of the metal that we buy gets melted, processed and refined to recover the precious value contained in the gold jewellery, bullion and scrap gold.

Gold Smart’s refining service and recovery process begins the moment we view and appraise the items customers bring to us. When we view the jewellery we are looking at things such as hallmarks, quality of manufacturing, makers stamps, colour and texture of the gold, depth of sheen and so on.

The recovery and assay of all material is ultimately determined by melting (at over 1064.18 °C/gold’s melting point), and refining to separate the metal and remove impurities.

Advances in technology mean that we refine gold and silver to very high levels using the most environmentally-friendly methods that we can. The best option to sell gold is Gold Smart today.