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One of the most convenient ways to sell gold and silver on the Internet in New Zealand is to use the Gold Smart Courier Pack Service. We buy any kind of gold and silver jewellery, coins and even gold bullion. It’s fast, reliable and we provide the best prices for your items.

Easiest Way to Sell Gold NZ

One big advantage in selling your gold and silver via courier pack is the fact that it’s a very easy and intuitive service to use. The method ensures that you get full control of your items and you shall have no obligation to sell if you change your mind for any reason.

Security of Your Items

At Gold Smart one of our missions is to raise awareness to our customers of the care they should have when selling gold jewellery in whatever way they prefer (whether via mail or in person). In addition to service, Gold Smart Courier Pack is a service that excels in safety. All of our kits and envelopes where your gold and/or silver will go up do not contain any logo or reference to the service in question. Our facilities are high in security and your items will be very well protected.

How to sell to Gold Smart via Courier Post?

1 – Request your free courier pack

To sell gold and silver via courier post, fill out the form at our website and one of our team will contact to guide you through the process. We will then send you a kit completely free. It does not imply in any charge or obligation to sell your gold and/or silver items. If you change your mind and do not want to sell, all you have to do is inform one of the Gold Smart team about it and we will immediately ship your items back to you.

2 – Assessment and Payment

Our gold specialists will now evaluate your gold and/or silver according to predetermined criteria. After this analysis, we will get in contact with you to confirm price and the payment will be processed within 24 hours.

Where can you use this Service?

This service is available in four New Zealand locations:





There are no hidden fees and you will be under no pressure to accept our offer.

Why wait? Get in contact now with the Gold Smart team and get the best value for your gold and silver items in New Zealand.