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At Gold Smart gold buyers we’re often told about family that doesn’t want Mum’s ‘out-of-style’ gold or Grandma’s silverware! It’s kind of shocking in many regards that children or siblings would refuse to inherit the family gold and silver. Yet it’s understandable because many of the items may not the the ‘style of the day’ or the brand jewellery your kids like.

The idea of selling gold that has sentimental value may seem difficult as memories and history can often be associated. As gold buyers we often suggest to customers that if the jewellery does have important connections then consider holding onto it as when it’s sold, it’s gone. Many sellers take a pragmatic approach to life that as the gold jewellery is not being worn, used or enjoyed then it would be best converted into cash.

At Gold Smart family is very important to us and if your sisters, brothers, children or grandchildren are snubbing their noses at your gold, then we will gladly exchange it for piles of money that you can spend on yourself!