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Wow, it’s been an exciting few weeks for Gold Prices!

The price of gold per troy ounce and the price of gold per gram has been moving because of the international gold markets and foreign exchanges. Customers who decided to sell gold, gold jewellery, gold coins and gold bullion in New Zealand have benefited from strong gains in prices that mean GOLD SMART GOLD BUYERS can pay you MORE!

Overnight COMEX Gold has been hammered by -US$25 per OZ after BEN BERNANKE (Chairman of the United States Federal Reserve) hinted at stronger US Growth. Strong markets and good news from the US is generally bad news for the price of gold. As Gold Brokers we are holding our rates high as long as possible to pass on the best cash for gold possible to our customers. However we can’t hold our rates forever with gold prices showing strong downward movement – if you are considering selling gold (gold jewellery, gold bullion, gold coins, etc) the value of gold is still high.

Join the GOLD RUSH and SELL YOUR GOLD FOR CASH. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to sell gold or jewellery for cash. Whatever your reason, GOLD SMART offers a fast and friendly service that puts a cash in your hand when you need it, satisfaction guaranteed. Contact the team today to see how easy it is to receive hundreds, if not thousands, for your gold jewellery.

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