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Mother’s Day is approaching and for much of the world, the day of moms is the second Sunday in May, falling on the 12th of May this year. However, there are quite a few places that celebrate Mother’s Day on another day the year. We will skip those that have already passed for 2013 and list some places where the holiday falls in May but on a different date.

  • First Sunday in May: Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Lithuania.
  • 8 May: Parent’s Day in South Korea
  • 10 May: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador
  • 15 May: Paraguay
  • 26 May: Poland
  • 27 May: Bolivia
  • Last Sunday in May: France, Sweden, Algeria and Morocco

That covers all of the odd date Mother’s days for this month. Of course there are countries where moms are honoured at a completely different time of the year. The United Kingdom celebrates Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday in Lent – which is sometime in March. In Argentina, where they always try to be different, Mother’s Day is the first Sunday in October.

So if you or your mother needs to be honoured at some point in the next few weeks, make a note in the calendar and plan something special. If you cannot be with mom on Mother’s Day, make a date for 15 May and tell her, “It’s Mother’s Day in Paraguay and I wanted to do something special this year!”.