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At Gold Smart we are naturally very proud of our impressive list of glowing customer testimonials. It’s unique among gold buyers in New Zealand and reflective of our genuine rapport and respect for others.

We had an aggressive email a few weeks ago sent by a Mr Daniel King who was concerned that our testimonials were “fake” and he threatened to contact the “Commerce Commission”. We couldn’t call him back as the phone number he provided did not connect, however we reply to him via email.

We responded to Daniel letting him know that all our testimonials are available for customers to view at our office if they wish at any time. This didn’t seem enough for Mr King who attempted to attack us by saying, “The world is full of testimonials drummed up by people, often friends and associates of the companies who use them.”

He seemed very concerned that we choose to only display customer’s first names and not display the location of the customer. We helped confirm that the nature of our business is to respect the confidentiality and private details of our customers. This is something we would expect and consider totally normal when dealing with valuable and sentimental items.

At Gold Smart we consider the privacy of our customers first and foremost and their legal right to keep their information confidential. It’s surprising that a stranger would consider it appropriate for us to provide them access to our customer’s private files!

Without boring you with too many more details, Mr King continued to “have a go” at us and attempt to bring into question our integrity and reputation. We let him know that we think how we display our testimonials is appropriate to our business and that he may wish to check facts before trying to besmirch another’s reputation.

Mr King runs a well-known website in New Zealand called that sells vitamins online. At the time of writing he has several testimonials on his website that do not show full names, all talking highly about the “Res-V Plus” products.

Perhaps a quick visit to to see the many thousands of customer testimonials that do not list a surname or town would help settle Mr King’s concerns!