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Gold is a precious metal that has always been valuable. It will likely continue to hold its value, if not gain in value, far into the future. Gold has served a number of important purposes throughout history, ranging from being used in jewellery to medical devices and even spacecraft.

The Push to Pinpoint all Sources of Gold

Human beings are going to great lengths to conserve every last bit of gold within our grasp. Apple recovered around $40 million worth of gold as a part of its corporate-wide recycling program conducted last year. The company’s recycling program is a component of Apple’s recent push for environmentally sustainable operating practices. The total amount of gold saved through this initiative alone was a whopping 2,204 pounds. This equates to right around the previously mentioned $40 million value. The gold has been plucked from the company’s used smartphones, each of which contains about 30 milligrams worth of gold. The gold is actually positioned inside of the phones’ internal circuit boards. Apple’s example of gold conservation efforts and the push for re-use/recycling will likely inspire numerous other electronics companies to create recycling programs of their own.

Gold Background

The people of the ancient world mined gold as it was quite stunning and could be used to make a number of other useful objects / devices. Gold was used as a decoration for royalty and as a personal decoration. Gold objects have been found dating back over 5,000 years, especially around Egypt and other portions of the Middle East. Egyptian pharaohs relied on mines along the Upper Nile by the Red Sea for their gold.

Contemporary Gold

Today, gold is used in a number of items but it is also used to back currency as well. It is a medium of exchange for a good number of monetary transactions. Much of the United States’ gold is stored in a famed Fort Knox Bullion Depository vault. Its current value is quite high though the public is not privy to the details.

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Gold Uses

Gold is widely used in jewellery and decorations. Yet it also serves a purpose in an array of other items like electronics, airplanes / spacecraft, dentistry, medical devices etc. Gold is considered to be a “noble” metal, meaning it will not oxidize when exposed to conditions that cause other metals to do so. It has a gorgeous metallic lustre and actually reflects heat, making it ideal for spacecraft that travel at incredibly fast rates of speed. Furthermore, gold conducts electricity, it will never tarnish, it is surprisingly easy to work with, it can be manipulated into wire, hammered into sheets and melted. You really can’t overstate just how special gold really is. All in all, just under 80 percent of gold used each year is applied to jewellery. The other 20 percent is used in products like global positioning systems, cell phones, personal digital devices, calculators, TVs, glassmaking, surgical instruments etc.

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