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Sell Silver Gold Smart, New Zealand

If you have silver, Gold Smart is looking to buy it. We purchase a wide array of silver bullion and jewellery. It doesn’t matter what your silver’s make or size is. We will make a fair offer at the current market rate.

The Types of Silver We Buy

If you have silver and wonder if we will make an offer, reach out to us. Do not assume we aren’t interested simply because your piece might be an old silver necklace, bracelet or other item. We are interested in almost anything that has silver. From undesired silver jewellery to bars, coins, silver cutlery, silver wire, scrap silver and beyond, Gold Smart will make a competitive offer for just about every type of silver. We are even interested in sterling silver odds and ends like beads, bails, clasps, fittings, clips, links, pins, studs and tubes. We have bought Silver Buffalo Coins, Silver Eagle Coins, all World Mint silver coins, Silver Maple Coins and plenty more. Sell jewellery Auckland today and you will go home with your pockets full of money.

Why This is a Good Time to Sell

The price of silver is still fairly high. This is an excellent time to sell. Though no one knows where the price of silver is going, if you sell now, you can lock in a solid return for your item. Whether you have silver bullion, silver coins, silver jewellery or another silver item, consider selling now so you can cash out and spend on something that provides utility or excitement.

What We Look for in Silver

When you sell jewellery Auckland, we will analyse your silver piece in terms of its fineness. Silver usually averages between 80 and 96 percent fineness. We will also weigh the piece. It doesn’t matter if your silver is old, scuffed, scraped or tarnished in any other matter. We are interested in all silver pieces regardless of their condition. Damaged silver jewellery, coins and silver bullion will be considered for purchase at their melt value. Sell jewellery Auckland, get those old silver pieces out of your home, clear out some space and buy something new that makes life that much more enjoyable.

Don’t Throw out That Old Silver

The silver cutlery and dishes in your china cabinet, drawers and other areas of your home are worth good money. This includes sterling silver. So, don’t trash those old silver knives, forks, spoons, tea service sets and dishes. Sterling silver is a silver alloy with 92.5 percent silver. The rest of the sterling silver items are made of an alloy metal like copper. You can tell if you have a sterling silver item on your hands by checking for its hallmark stamp. This is a sign your sterling silver is authentic. So, don’t leave your silver cutlery in storage, letting it collect dust. It doesn’t make sense to let these items sit idle. Nor does it make sense to donate them to charity or trash them when you can get good money for them at Gold Smart. Bring these items to Gold Smart today to see how much money we will pay for your silver.