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Click for Part 1: Campbell Live Investigation

Last night Campbell Live ran two videos about the real cost of taking a loan from various Auckland’s Pawn Dealers (or “Loan Sharks“).

We blogged about it a few weeks ago how some companies take advantage of people when they are vulnerable. It was interesting to hear what they had to say about Warriors star Stacey Jones fronting TV ads for Instant Finance. From the article it appeared as though there was a difference between what Mr Jones understood their finance rates to be and what they actually are.

The simple reality is that very high interest rates can be extremely difficult or impossible to repay. The advice from the Gold Smart team is to seek independent advice on budgeting and cash management. The government of New Zealand provides such services at no cost – only will power and discipline is required by the person needing help.

Watch Part 2

When it comes to selling gold, you must ensure that you’re not binding yourself to repaying high interest rates from companies or individuals offering loans. The process for receiving the best price for your gold jewellery and gold bullion is simple – call our friendly team as we’d be happy to talk through the details.

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