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Spring Cleaning – Fun and Profitable

While it might seem like a bit of work at the time, there are few things easier to do and more powerful in changing your outlook for the day than a bit of spring cleaning in the house. And that can easily include flushing out second hand or broken jewellery or precious metal items that no longer server any viable purpose. The fact is, as humans we tend to be pack rats to some extent. We collect a lot over time, and all those things get piled up in a closet, drawer, corner, shelf or similar. Much of it we never touch again but the things take up space and bog us down with “stuff” that gets in the way. Spring cleaning helps ups move a lot of that property we’ll never use again out, and it also gives us a chance to liquidate it into useful cash too.

Just like all those clothes, old furniture or books you no longer want and end up making a few dollars on with a garage sale, you can also liquidate your old gold and unwanted jewellery items by recycling their precious metal. Whether it’s a single earing, a broken bracelet, a scratched and bent ring, if it’s made of solid precious metal like gold, silver, platinum or palladium, you can change it into usable, working cash by selling it to a gold buyer like Gold Smart. There’s no wondering where to sell my jewellery with Gold Smart’s benefits available.

Our gold buyers have been in the precious metal business for years, and Gold Smart has a well-standing reputation of fair pricing and safe transactions for all of its customers. You can reach us online or in person at our venue right in the middle of Auckland’s financial district. We’re easy to find, just 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Tower and Sky Casino. Clean out those drawers of unwanted gold and put some cash in your pocket!

Estate and Home Cleaning

We’ve all faced the dilemma at one time or another of what to do with old jewellery. Whether it is inherited or bought personally, at some point various pieces and accessories just don’t make sense to keep any longer. But instead of recycling or disposing of them like we do with other things that break or no longer serve a purpose, we stuff jewellery into drawers or closets and nothing happens.

Fortunately, there’s a completely viable resource available for folks to now do something with all their old items and gold that just taking up room and worry. Instead of continuing to create a collection of useless odds and ends, people can instead convert their broke and old jewellery and gold items to cash. The process is safe, easy to do, secure, and consumers actually can receive a fair price for their items instead of being short-changed.

So if you have gold, silver and other precious metal jewellery that serves no useful purpose anymore, broken items or pairs missing a match like earrings, or gold and silver coins you’re not sure what do with, Gold Smart is available to help you convert them into very useful cash. Consumers are fully educated on the entire process, there are no hidden fees or costs, and the price paid is entirely at your decision whether to go forward or not. We regularly have folks who sell items but might pull one or two back due to emotional memories. We understand, and no one is ever pressured into a sale with Gold Smart. We also help folks convert to new, modern gold choices with our My Gold store platform, and MyGold storage tools.

We are just 200 meters from the Sky Casino and Auckland Sky Tower. Easy to find, we’re right in the middle of Auckland’s financial district downtown (Auckland CBD). Call or visit is and we’ll get you started.

Selling Silver

Look in the precious metal world and the first place folks pay attention to tends to be gold and profit from gold. However, the far more accessible option and also a very good venue for value appreciation tends to be silver. Used in both retail and industrial applications, silver has long been a high demand precious metal in the lower cost range of the related metal family. And as investors and people continue to look for ways to maintain value of their holdings with resources outside the typical public markets, silver continues to appreciate along with its other metal cousins.

Because of the increased speculation, consumers who have lots of pure silver items such as tableware and jewellery can convert these into cash at very good prices right now, especially if the items aren’t really doing them any good otherwise. Everything from broken and unwanted jewellery to mismatched fork and knife sets are entirely sellable in this market today. And Gold Smart is one of the best channels available to New Zealand consumers as a sell gold Auckland resource.

At Gold Smart, we regularly buy precious metal items, jewellery, coins and accessories from consumers, functioning as a bulk precious metal recycler among gold dealers in town. We also sell gold via our MyGold program, including storage tools. So, don’t continue to hesitate and wonder what to so. Come over to our office and let’s see what we can price. We’re in the centre of Auckland’s financial district (Auckland CBD), and 200 meters from the Sky Casino as well as the Auckland Sky Tower downtown.