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The current recession is creating a golden opportunity for an innovative new company that specializes is buying old and unwanted gold jewellery.

Auckland based start-up gold smart is turning gold into cash in a time when gold prices are at historically high levels. “It’s a fun and interesting way for people to make some extra cash”, says Anita Elliott, lead Gold Buyer. Think of the old jewellery sitting in your drawer collecting dust, that’s out-of-date, damaged or hasn’t been worn in years. Not to mention gifts from ex-boyfriends or husbands where the sentimentality has gone – sometimes it turns out that all that glitters is not gold.

The gold buying process revolves around direct buying and gold smart parties where friends gather for drinks, fun and conversation and turn their unwanted gold into cash. A professional Gold Buyer tests and appraises guests’ jewellery and offers a price on the spot. It’s certainly the recession’s answer to the Tupperware® party. Anita says “There are not many parties where you’ll have a great time and leave with more money than you came with. Guests are using the money for all sorts of things, from buying new jewellery and clothes, a weekend away or just to pay some bills”. “People say to us that going to a second-hand shop or an old hall in the middle of nowhere is a real turn-off. They can now sell their gold in a fun, warm and relaxed atmosphere”.

The gold party is a hugely successful phenomenon that started in the USA and has now arrived in New Zealand. People can run their own gold smart parties and as a host they get a commission for everything bought during the party. Host commissions can even be paid to a nominated charity. “Gold prices are at historically high levels and the timing to get a good price on your gold is right now.”

The next gold rush is on at a gold smart party near you.

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