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If you are ready to part ways with your jewellery for some quick cash, don’t assume that any old appraiser will suffice. The truth is that no two appraisers are the same. Some are completely forthright while others will stretch the truth. Some will even tell you bald-faced lies. Only put your faith in an appraiser who has extensive experience, a solid reputation and an honest air about him. Furthermore, the appraiser should not pressure you in any way during the appraisal process. An appraiser who tries to rush you through the appraisal likely has an ulterior motive. He might zoom through the process to conceal information, deflect attention from his lack of credentials or cover up his insufficient knowledge. Some rush through the appraisal process as a means of low-balling you on the price for your jewellery.

The Best Appraisers are Willing to Field Questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions during the appraisal process. If the appraiser shirks at your inquiries, don’t give him your business. The appraisal and possible sale of your jewellery should be completely transparent in every regard. Don’t give in if he pressures you to make up your mind as soon as the appraisal is performed. This is an unsavoury business tactic that should never be employed. Only give the appraiser your business if he provides you with the opportunity to ask each and every question on your mind.

You Deserve to be Treated with Respect

An appraiser who pressures you into making a quick decision regarding the sale of your jewellery is acting in a disrespectful manner. A true professional will take his time and explain exactly what the appraisal process involves. You deserve the full appraisal process explained to you in-depth so you have a complete understanding as to how the price of your jewellery is determined. If he is adamant that his price is the best in town, don’t take his word for it! It is prudent to obtain a second quote just to make sure you are maximizing the value of your jewellery.

The appraiser should take his time, let you think over the result of the appraisal process and recognize the fact that you have to weigh all sorts of different factors when making the decision to sell or hold your jewellery. The best appraisers know that most customers have sentimental ties to their jewellery. If he pushes for a quick decision or disrespects you in any other way, move on to another appraiser who is worthy of your business.

Time to Think It Over

The best appraisers provide you with the opportunity to think over the offer before making a decision. If you feel even slightly rushed, move on to another appraiser. Never let a potential buyer pressure you into making a quick decision on the spot. You deserve the opportunity to make up your mind with as much time as you need. However, do not lose sight of the fact that jewellery prices can drop as time passes. The offer floated out by an appraiser today might not be available down the road. Keep this fact in mind when mulling over the appraiser’s offer. Do not hesitate to get a gauge on the market’s jewellery prices so you can make an informed decision. Tap into the power of the web to figure out what similar pieces are selling for. This way, you will have one or several points of comparison when deciding whether to accept the appraiser’s offer.

Full Transparency

Jewellery appraisals should not feel sketchy in any way. If you are suspicious of the appraiser or if he refuses to answer questions, don’t fork over your jewellery. The entire appraisal process should be transparent in every manner. In some situations, appraisers will even request that you leave the premises. This is a red flag that indicates the appraiser is nervous and has something to hide. Some shady appraisers will even go as far as attempting to interchange your jewellery for a similar looking piece that is actually worth much less. So, don’t comply with an appraiser’s request to momentarily leave the room or even for him to examine your piece in another section of the shop outside of your view.

You can Trust Gold Smart to Appraise Your Jewellery

If you have gold jewellery, Gold Smart is your go-to source for an honest appraisal. Our no-pressure appraisals are completely forthright and competitive. We are also interested in your scrap gold, gold coins, gold bullion, silver, palladium and platinum. Contact us today for more information.