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Among the investment crowd the term “gold bug” is used to describe someone who thinks every economic report, good or bad, is good news for the price of gold. Gold bug investors tend to hang out – in the World Wide Web – with other like-minded insects and as a group are quite out of the mainstream of conventional investment thought. You might know a gold bug or two.

Recently I came across another type of gold bug, and in this case the bugs are actual insects, or maybe pre-insects, that an artist has convinced to make gold jewellery.

French artist, Hubert Duprat has earned his fame from his use of unique materials in his art. One example is his use of pieces of PVC pipes to produce a sculpture that looks like bubbles in certain lighting and a metallic construct under other conditions. The video below shows how well these effects turned out.

Duprat discovered that the water born larva of the caddis fly will use whatever materials are at hand to build a cocoons in which to wait out the days until they reach fly-hood. The artist placed caddis worms into an environment that only held tiny pieces of gold and other attractive trinkets. From the available materials, the larva produced very attractive gold cocoons – insect produced gold art.

This video show several of Duprat’s art pieces including caddis larva at work doing the artist’s job for him. Enjoy!