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A recent article/slide show on the website provided an eye-opening report on the world of ancient jewellery that can be easily purchased, primarily through auction houses. Although not inexpensive, the pieces displayed did not seem too pricey for something that is centuries old and looks better than a large portion of the modern selection.

For example, a Roman carnelian ring from the first century sold for $2,000 at Christie’s in New York. The ring is engraved with a shepherd and goat scene. Check out the picture because the ring looks a lot better than the description.

Roman carnelian

Another recent sale of great interest and beauty was an Egyptian steatite scarab from about 950 B.C. The scarab had been acquired by an Australian military officer in Egypt in 1967 and taken back to Australia. The piece sold for $3,250 at Christie’s.


If you do not live in New York or London with easy access to one of the major auction houses, it is also possible to buy antique jewellery online. The website is dedicated to the listing and sales of antique items. One item recently listed was a 4,000 year old Sumerian solid gold hair ring, priced at $950. You cannot get one of those at the shopping mall jewellery store!