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“Honest Joe’s Pawn Shop”

We all know what “pawn shops” are about – making loans to people that can’t afford them, paying low rates on anything you sell them and then reselling these items at a significant mark-up. It could be said that this goes beyond just perception, it’s reality – if the stories customers tell us are true.

We’ve heard some sad stories about people needing to sell gold jewellery items and thinking that “secondhand dealers” are the only option. One lady was paid in “pawn shop money” to buy stuff in the shop that she did not want or need.

In a nutshell, here’s what Gold Smart is:

  • We are professional Gold Buyers that only buy Gold, Silver (and occasionally diamonds)
  • You will be treated with respect by friendly professionals
  • Gold Smart do NOT provide loans of any kind
  • The jewellery is recycled, NOT resold to the public
  • There is no pressure to sell – our customers feel relaxed and comfortable
  • Gold Smart offers excellent rates, personal service and discretion (no one looking over your shoulder)

Talk with the Gold Buyers team, call 0800 GOLD SMART today!