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Gold has been valued for centuries because, well, it really looks nice. It’s got a beautiful color, a weight that really feels impressive and, since it’s highly malleable, it can literally be made into a million different things, or used as a covering for them as well.

And boy oh boy, it sure has been used to make a lot of different things.  From simple pendants to incredibly intricate masks and even huge domed buildings, gold has literally been used on just about everything.  These days it’s even trendy, if you can afford it of course, to get gold teeth. (And it certainly makes for a brilliant smile.)

Of course this simply begs the question, what are some of the world’s most valuable gold items?  There are of course those items  from ancient Egypt and the pharaohs but, for today’s blog, we’ll stick with some of the most valuable items that have been made recently. (Keep in mind that none of us here actually own any of these items. Like you, we mostly think about them in our dreams.)

For sheer over-the-top opulence there’s very few things that can beat the $15 million Stuart Hughes gold and black diamond iPhone 5 case.  If you love your iPhone, and have a few million dollars sitting around, this 24 carat solid gold iPhone case could very well be on your shopping list. Of course for the super-rich a solid gold iPhone cover simply must have 600 diamond studs and a 26 carat Black diamond on the “home” button, just to make it complete.

Gold has been made into coins for centuries and today the most expensive is the Canadian Giant Gold Elizabeth coin,  which is valued just shy of $1 million.  It’s made of 99.999% pure gold, measures 21 inches in diameter and weighs 220 pounds, so you won’t be putting this into your back pocket when you go out for a stroll.  Featuring Queen Elizabeth on the head and maple leaves on the tail, this gigantic coin was minted as a way of promoting Canada’s new 1 ounce bullion coins.

If you’re a fan of wearing gold but don’t want to go for anything gaudy like a necklace, bracelet or rings, you can simply do what Indian gold investor Datta Phuge  did and have a shirt made from gold. Worth about $240,000, this amazing (and heavy!) shirt is lined with velvet on the inside and over 3 kg of gold on the outside and is definitely not machine washable.

Finally, for those fans of gold who like to have it as a snack, there is the world’s most expensive pastry, the Golden Phoenix Gold Cupcake. For those who aren’t in the know, gold is a completely inert metal, which means that it can be eaten, albeit in small amounts. Indeed, food has been prepared with edible gold dust, wrapping and specks for many years. This delectable golden morsel is made by Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes  in Dubai and, along with some of the priciest non-gold ingredients, is covered with 23 carats of gold sheeting.

Gold Cupcake

There are, of course, many other items that have been made from gold that are also ridiculously expensive, but these four above are some of the most interesting. By the way, if you find that you have anything in your possession that is also made from solid gold, Gold Smart is always here to help you if you’d like to sell it. In fact, we pay the highest price for gold in all of New Zealand. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.