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  • Sell Gold Rings and Jewellery in New Zealand

    Many people throughout the country have unwanted gold in their homes they could use to unlock cash. This broken gold jewellery could harness much more than they realise. Whether it’s rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold, as long as the gold is genuine and not plated, you can sell your items to Gold Smart, confident in receiving a great price.

    Besides selling broken gold jewellery, our clients often choose to sell items that are no longer in style. You may have oversized gold chains or large gold hoop earrings that don’t reflect your current style. Instead of letting these pieces collect dust, you can make money by selling gold to our New Zealand based gold buyers. Gold Smart will walk you through the process of selling your unwanted gold items and you can rest easy knowing you are working with a trusted buyer with a stellar reputation.

    Our clients choose to sell a variety of gold jewellery items – these include:

    Sell Gold Necklaces

    If its broken, out-of-style and unwanted, Gold Smart Gold Buyers accepts gold necklaces in a variety of weights and purities. Don’t worry if you no longer have receipts for the gold jewellery as appraisals or purchasing records aren’t required when selling gold to us. We will take care of appraising broken gold necklaces and advise the current market value.

    Sell Gold Bracelets and Bangles

    Gold bracelets are one of the most popular items we purchase. Thin gold bracelets can be delicate and broken clasps are a common occurrence. Bracelets are usually a trendy accessory piece and typically fall out of style quickly. When you sell your gold bracelets, you can use your earnings to buy new style of jewellery that reflects your current preferences. Gold Smart customers have used their unlocked cash towards holidays, a new car, and house deposit. Where could you use yours?

    Sell Gold Rings and Wedding Bands

    Not all gold rings are meant to be worn forever. If you have separated or divorced, selling your gold wedding band can be part of closing that chapter on your life. If you decide against keeping the ring in the family, selling it makes the most sense. You may have also inherited a gold ring or wedding band from a relative and have no use for it. When you have no emotional attachment to a gold ring or wedding band, selling to Gold Smart allows you to buy something you really want.

    Sell Gold Earrings

    Unwanted gold earrings can be sold easily to Gold Smart. In many cases, you may have lost one of the earrings and can no longer wear the pair. Since you don’t have any use for the earring, send it in for fast appraisal and payment. The professional team from Gold Smart Gold Buyers will offer fair pricing on all of your unwanted gold jewellery pieces.

    What We Don’t Buy

    The team at Gold Smart don’t purchase precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. If any of your gold jewellery has stones, they can be removed at your request and returned to you. We will still be able to purchase the gold parts of the jewellery item and will advise how.

    Gold Smart also does not purchase any gold-plated jewellery items. If you’re unsure of what items are accepted or not, always get in touch to learn more. We can test any gold jewellery that you’re unsure about to confirm it’s purity.



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