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Sell Rolex watches in New Zealand to Gold Smart.

The luxury watch market in New Zealand goes through ups and downs every year. The good news is that the Rolex market continues to grow annually. Rolex, likely the most famous watch brand in the world, has a proven reputation of creating the most in-demand watches. If you are fortunate enough to have a pre-owned Rolex watch, you may want to cash in on your investment and sell the timepiece.

Guidelines to Sell Rolex Watches

When you decide to sell a Rolex watch, take the time to conduct independent research. First, locate the reference number for your Rolex watch. The reference number is typically engraved between the 12 o’clock lugs. Serial numbers are usually on the exact opposite side between the 6 o’clock lugs. You will need a special tool to access these numbers, but if you have the original paperwork that came with the watch, the information will be listed on the certificates. Any additional documentation should be gathered up including repair records and cleanings done on the watch. If you have spare links, they should be collected too before you sell your Rolex.

Once you have collected all items needed to sell a Rolex, you can go online to research second-hand values of similar watches. Keep in mind condition and current market value has the greatest impact on how much you will receive when selling Rolex watches.

Selling Rolex Watches Tips and Warnings

Vintage Rolex watches will have dramatic pricing differences. It is very common to see two of the same model watches sell for thousands of dollars apart. Rolex watches with the most value will have all of its original parts with a case that has not been heavily damaged or polished. Off-brand replacement parts will undermine the value, but the Rolex watch can still be sold for a fair market price. If you plan to do any repairs before selling the Rolex, aim to use original parts and a watch repair service experienced working on Rolex watches. If the cost of repairing a Rolex is out of your price range, no need to fret. Broken Rolex watches are purchased by individuals looking for investment opportunities. Even heavily damaged Rolex watches are valuable because of the gold content.

Fake Rolex watches are sold everywhere, especially online. If you are unsure of the origin of your watch, you should take it in for an appraisal before selling. Although appraisals can help spot a fake Rolex, keep in mind that appraisal values are not always a true representation of value. It is very common to receive vastly different appraisal values on Rolex watches from business to business.

Never buy or sell Rolex watches through auction sites or classified ads. Auction sites are well known for being risky to both sellers and buyers alike. With the high value associated with selling a Rolex, you don’t want to lose money because of fraudulent accounts or high seller fees. Classified ads are not safe either and you are putting your safety at risk by meeting a potential buyer of your pre-owned Rolex watch that has not been vetted. Local pawn stores are also not good choices because they won’t likely offer the best prices when you attempt to sell your Rolex.

When you are ready to sell Rolex watches, choose a New Zealand gold dealer with an impeccable reputation. They should have experience in buying Rolex watches and reviews that indicate they pay fair market prices. Dealers should be transparent to help secure your transaction. Once payment is made, you should feel assured that you have been paid fairly.