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What to Expect if Selling a Gold Guinea Coin

Posted on: 25th November 2020 By Milda Gaigalaite

The British Guinea represents both a collectible coin as well as gold bullion asset, which makes it potentially twice as valuable, depending on the coin year, grade, condition and ownership. Gold Guineas represent an optional pursuit of precious metal investment which have the added flavor of numismatic appeal as well. So, rather than just focusing […]

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How to Sell Gold Sovereigns and Get the Fairest Offer in New Zealand

Posted on: 19th November 2020 By Alisson

Check Your Gold Sovereign Collection If you own gold sovereigns, you might be tempted to sell them for good reason. Though these coins are quite beautiful, they are also worth decent money. Gold sovereigns have a nominal value of a single pound sterling throughout the United Kingdom. Gold sovereigns are currently relied upon as bullion […]

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5 Signs of a Fair Jewellery Buyer

Posted on: 17th November 2020 By Alisson

If you are considering selling your jewellery, don’t take the first offer from the first buyer you visit. Doing business with any old jewellery buyer is a surefire way to get ripped off. The unfortunate truth is that some unscrupulous jewellery merchants exist and they prey on uninformed sellers. Do your homework and you will […]

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Sell Perth Mint Bullion To New Zealand’s #1 Choice

Posted on: 16th November 2020 By Alisson

If you have Perth Mint Bullion in the form of bars or coins and are considering selling, your first choice of buyers should be Gold Smart. We are interested in Perth Mint pieces as well as gold, silver, and platinum pieces of just about every other variety. We have extremely fair prices, legions of satisfied […]

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Gold, its Colours and Applications in Jewellery

Posted on: 15th November 2020 By Alisson

Demystifying the Gold Colour It is very common to hear expressions such as “this jewel is from this or that region” or “this jewel is from this origin” because of its colour. Others can often say “Gold with this colour??? No, this is not gold!” or “18 carat gold from that place is better”. However […]

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What is White Gold Alloy? A Deeper Look Into This Man-Made Metal

Posted on: 13th November 2020 By Alisson

Most people know gold is valuable yet many are unaware that there are several different types of gold. Aside from regular yellow gold, rose gold and white gold also exist. Yet white gold does not have a glaringly white or beige hue. It is referred to as white gold partially due to the fact that […]

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Where to Sell Gold Jewellery, Gold Bullion and Gold Coins in NZ?

Posted on: 12th November 2020 By Alisson

Want to Sell Gold Jewellery, Gold Bullion, and Gold Coins? If you have any old gold or jewellery sitting around, you should consider selling it for cash today. There really has never been a better time to sell gold than right now – however, it’s important that you select the right gold buying company to […]

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Sell Gold Nuggets via the Most Equitable and Convenient Way in NZ

Posted on: 11th November 2020 By Alisson

Want to Sell Gold Nuggets? Do you have gold nuggets that you no longer desire? Perhaps you need cash for home improvements, a new vehicle or a vacation. The solution is to sell gold nuggets to Gold Smart. You will receive a fair price and the transaction will be performed in a timely and professional […]

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Dental Gold – The 2nd Most Important Use of Gold

Posted on: 10th November 2020 By Alisson

History of Dental Gold The use of gold in dental work dates as far back as 2500 BC. Gold teeth back then were bonded with gold thread, perhaps to strengthen a weak tooth. Around 700 BC, the Etruscans fixed replacement teeth in the mouths of their patients with gold thread and gold could also be […]

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Gold Dealers NZ – Licensed and Trusted Gold Buyers

Posted on: 9th November 2020 By Alisson

Gold Smart is proud to be revered as a premier gold dealer in New Zealand. Whether you are interested in selling gold, buying gold, or any other aspect of precious metals, our gold buyers NZ can help. Selling gold is our forte. Buy gold through our acclaimed process and you will be pleased to the […]

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Choosing The Right Gold Buyers In Wellington

Posted on: 8th November 2020 By Alisson

If you are looking for the best place to sell gold, look no further than Gold Smart. Selling gold in New Zealand can be a stressful process. There are all sorts of considerations to ponder, ranging from proper gold testing to whether you will receive a fair price. You can simplify the entire process by […]

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For Sale: $15,000 Solid Gold LEGO Brick

Posted on: 8th November 2020 By Alisson

Golden Gift to LEGO’s Loyal Employees and Valued Partners This is a solid gold 2×4 LEGO brick for sale. Apparently, they were awarded to employees and business partners of the company back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. This brick is 25.65g of 14K gold (0.8246 troy oz). The brick is the same size […]

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