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Gold Buying Prospects Going Forward Into 2021

Posted on: 18th September 2020 By Ben

With this year’s gold value up over 26.5 percent by September 2020, the precious metal continues to seem like a safe haven to place value with public markets teetering on the edge of bubble collapses from being overheated by speculation. So many are wondering, is gold topped out again, or should gold buyers Auckland interests […]

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Gold Buyers in Auckland: 2020

Posted on: 4th September 2020 By Ben

Since at least the beginning of the year in 2020 gold buyers have been extremely active in New Zealand as well as the rest of the world with everyone from commercial buyers to private individuals moving at hyper speed to buy and sell. As it has historically, the latest run up to a new value […]

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Gold Hallmarks in 2020: How to Know What Your Jewellery Really Is

Posted on: 24th August 2020 By Alisson

Gold quality stamps and hallmarks have been used for centuries to affirmatively identify the type of gold used in the given jewellery as well as who tested or confirmed the quality of gold involved as well. Eventually, these markings where then modified to identify a given goldsmith involved in the manufacturing as a branding stamp. […]

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Anticipating What Gold Buyers Love to Buy

Posted on: 17th August 2020 By Ben

The Basic Qualities Gold is gold is gold, right? Well, not quite. Professional buyers will definitely be first interested in any objects that a pure yellow gold (normal form), white gold or rose gold. The concentration of the gold (i.e. karat value) does not suddenly take items off the table; it only differentiates between how […]

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The Ultimate Practical Guide to Selling Gold Jewellery

Posted on: 12th August 2020 By Ben

Understanding Who Buys Used Gold Jewellery Aside from individual parties looking for particular items or parts, as well as hobbyists, the major buyers of gold jewellery tend to be operations that move quite a bit of material on a regular basis. These include: Refiners – On the one hand, refiners are one of the best […]

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Working With the Best Auckland Gold Buyer in 2020

Posted on: 16th July 2020 By Admin

With the instability going on this year due to pandemic concerns, government problems overseas, and lots of disruption in economies, precious metals have become even more popular as a hedge against currency weaknesses and inflation. As a result, there’s a lot of demand for gold and silver now, in some cases more than before. That […]

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The Real Value of Gold Jewellery

Posted on: 9th May 2020 By Admin

Unfortunately, retail jewellery providers can mark up the cost of an item by as much as 500 percent to generate profit. Buyer beware and personal shopping comparisons are absolutely critical for consumers, or they can easily spend far more than gold and silver jewellery is really worth, but some profit margin will always occur even […]

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Spring Cleaning – Fun and Profitable

Posted on: 8th May 2020 By Admin

Just like all those clothes, old furniture or books you no longer want and end up making a few dollars on with a garage sale, you can also liquidate your old gold and unwanted jewellery items by recycling their precious metal. Whether it’s a single earing, a broken bracelet, a scratched and bent ring, if […]

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Where to Sell Gold Jewellery?

Posted on: 7th May 2020 By Admin

Fortunately, just carrying more scrap gold or silver storage isn’t necessary. Anything that incorporate solid precious metal can actually be recycled. Even better, one can get paid cash value for it, turning that useless metal item into a resource one could actually apply for a home improvement, a travel wish, a new class or school cost, or […]

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Is it the right time to sell your gold?

Posted on: 4th May 2020 By Admin

Maybe you’re not ready to sell but need resources to hold your gold safely until the right time. Our ‘MyGold’ program also has incredibly useful tools and options available for personal protection as well as service programs for storing your valuable gold. The best gold to recycle and sell tends to be older pieces that […]

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About Gold Smart and Gold Selling

Posted on: 30th April 2020 By Admin

Gold Smart has always been a standing New Zealand source for consumers and individuals to liquidate unwanted gold, silver and similar precious metals. Instead of having items collecting dust in drawers doing nothing for years, folks can turn that asset into a useful functional form of cash. My gold becomes my opportunity again. Maybe you want to take a vacation, […]

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Why Sell Second-Hand Jewellery?

Posted on: 28th April 2020 By Admin

Gold Rings Always a big favourite because many rings, particularly for men, have a substantial amount of gold in them, rings definitely remain in demand. However, one has to remember the quality of the gold will often dictate the value. 12 and 14 karat rings are very common because they are stronger and avoid bending, […]

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