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Selling silver is quite profitable right now with the recent gains in silver prices. There’s many types of forms that old silver can come in including silver jewellery, scrap silver, coins, bullion and sterling silver.

In the past five years the price of silver is up over 106% (in New Zealand dollars), however prices in the past yeat have cooled down 14% – over ten years it has risen over 260%.

We often get asked about the value of silverware, with many people unsure if their items are genuine sterling of just plated. The most common plated items are Rodd silverware with no hallmarks, or items that say EPNS – which means Electro-Plated Nickle Silver. Unfortunately we don’t purchase these types of items. You’ll need to check for stamps that indicate the quality of the items -these include 925, sterling, a lion or a crown.

Many pre-1946 NZ coins also contain 50% silver, making them quite valuable to sell. Not to mention bullion products such as 1kg bars, 1oz coins, silver eagles, silver maples, New Zealand silver ingots, and many others. Customers have been buying silver to speculate on the price rises, however it’s very hard to predict where things may be heading.

Gold Smart silver buyers will buy just about anything silver, and we make the process quick, easy, and profitable!