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What Kind of Second Hand Jewellery Will Most Likely Sell?

Not every second hand jewellery item has a viable resale value but certain categories are definitely in demand. Understanding what will most likely sell ahead of time saves you and everyone involved time, energy, and maximizes your resale proceeds for each visit. Here are some categories and pointers to consider.

Sell Second-Hand Jewellery

Gold Rings

Always a big favourite because many rings, particularly for men, have a substantial amount of gold in them, rings definitely remain in demand. However, one has to remember the quality of the gold will often dictate the value. 12 and 14 karat rings are very common because they are stronger and avoid bending, but they will price lower versus a ring with a higher grade of gold involved.

Gold Necklaces and Bracelets

Both are valuable and accepted at Gold Smart, even without documentation. Our in-house experts can easily evaluate the totality of gold involved and its current market value for a fair pricing. This avenue easily gives consumers a great way to liquidate jewellery that might have been received as gift or present but doesn’t get worn much.

Items Not Purchased

Precious or decorative stones are not going to be considered. If you have items with inlayed pieces, they can be removed to sell the gold portion of the jewellery only. Also, gold-plated jewellery are not going to be sellable as well. By removing these items from your potential, you can avoid wasting time and being disappointed and instead focus on jewellery that will definitely sell with our gold buyers Auckland team. We are always available to discuss at Gold Smart, just 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Tower and Casino, right in the middle of the financial district.

Why Selling Second-Hand Jewellery is a Smart Move

Most New Zealand jewellery has represent an emotional attachment for owners, but there comes a time when it simply doesn’t make sense to own the items any longer. In these situations, letting go of second hand jewellery may be a smart move, and folks don’t have to settle for a garage sale or an online auction to do so.

Marriage Separation

A lot of jewellery comes about during a marriage. And in that same respect, it carries a lot of emotional baggage every time a person looks at it after the fact when the marriage is over or ending. Rather than continuing to dredge up old issues each time and getting angry or sad, selling that second-hand jewellery can turn it into resources for moving forward or buying replacement sets that are just as personal but disconnected from the past.

Estate and Inheritances That are Not Useful

When people leave behind jewellery in their estate, they hope that doing so means something to the beneficiaries. However, the emotional thought that went into that piece of one’s last will and estate planning rarely translates into what the receiving party might see it as. Instead, appreciate the thought and sell the jewellery to utilize the funds for what really makes sense moving your life forward.

Getting Through Hard Times

Having no debt is always better than being buried in debt. So, if things are getting financially challenging, selling second-hand jewellery has always been a sure-fire way to realize needed cash so you get through a tight moment without making things worse for yourself.

All of these reasons and others are why you should definitely bring your second-hand jewellery to Gold Smart. We’re just 200 meters from the Sky Tower and Sky Casino in the heart of the Auckland financial district. Drop by and our gold buyers Auckland team will evaluate your items for a fair purchasing price always.

What Goes Into Pricing Second Hand Jewellery?

First off, especially with gold jewellery, the quality of the gold has a big impact on how much second-hand jewellery will receive in a sale from jewellery buyers Auckland experts. Folks will find that while 12 karat and 14 karat gold pieces are very common and frequent, they don’t command as much value as 20 or 24 karat gold pieces. Lower karat gold jewellery is regularly produced because it is structurally stronger. Gold naturally is a soft metal, easily bendable and can be melted at lower heats. So, it is frequently alloyed with other metals to increase its strength, particularly in jewellery items that will see heavier use. However, the trade-off for the strength is a loss of precious metal value instead.

The condition of the jewellery will also have an impact on pricing and purchasing. If the gold is very old, tarnished and corroded, that is going to have a lesser price offer from gold buyers than clean, newer pieces. Many times jewellery is so out of the norm, it many just get melt stock value for the gold content itself. Consumers need to keep this in mind when bringing pieces in for resale.

Gold Smart in New Zealand’s Auckland will always give clients a fair evaluation and pricing for second-hand jewellery. We are easy to find, located in the financial district, 200 meters from the Auckland Sky Tower and Sky Casino. If you have gold items to potentially sell, let our gold buyers take a look at them at your convenience. You may be surprised at the results from your local gold buyer Auckland resource.