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Gold and Silver Buyers Auckland, Gold Smart

Gold Smart is here to turn your old, broken or unsightly gold into cash. We will take just about anything that contains gold, regardless of its condition. It can be bent, missing pieces, dented or tarnished in any other way. Let’s take a look at some examples of the type of gold our customers turn in for cash on a regular basis.

Gold Earrings

Most women have at least one earring that doesn’t have a match. Earrings are easy to lose and break. If you have a gold earring that lacks a match or if you have simply grown tired of your gold earrings, bring them to Gold Smart. We are interested in your earrings as long as they contain gold.

Gold Pendants

Gold Smart is looking for gold pendants of all varieties. Perhaps you have a gold pendant from your youth that you no longer desire. These items tend to lose their sentimental value as time progresses. We will gladly purchase your undesired gold pendant so you can buy something contemporary that provides enjoyment and/or utility.

Gold Bangles

Bangles used to be on-trend. Nowadays they aren’t exactly the cat’s pyjamas. If you have old gold bangles, it is time to consider turning them in for a nice wad of cash. We will float out a tempting offer for gold bangles and bracelets. Take the money to modernize your look with some lovely new silver jewellery.

Gold Necklaces

If you have an outdated gold necklace, an ugly gold necklace or any other type of necklace with gold, we will give you good money for it. Maybe you have an abundance of gold necklaces and would prefer to turn in your least favourite for cash. Maybe a couple have been damaged through the years. Bring them to Gold Smart and we will give you a solid offer. Take the money and upgrade to a glorious new gold necklace, another piece of jewellery or have a night out on the town.

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Gold Wedding Bands and Rings

If you have recently divorced or plan to renew your wedding vows, it is time to consider selling your gold wedding band or ring. This item no longer carries the same sentimental value so why bother keeping it around? Turn it in for a pile of cash at Gold Smart. You can reinvest the money in a brand-new wedding band or ring. Or, use the proceeds for a fancy dinner, a new addition to your wardrobe or a nicety of another sort.

Gold Rings

We will take any type of ring as long as it has gold in it. It doesn’t matter if it is a gold wedding ring or a gold ring of another variety. We will give you an offer as long as it contains gold. The ring might be bent, scratched, overly tight or faulty in another manner. We will provide a competitive offer regardless of the ring’s condition.

Gold Bracelets

We are interested in gold bracelets of all varieties. Perhaps you have an aged gold bracelet that is no longer fashionable. Maybe your bracelet was dented after slipping off your wrist. We are interested in your gold bracelets regardless of their condition and appearance. We will turn your bracelet into cash right away.

Gold Coins

If you no longer desire your gold coins, don’t let them go to any old gold buyer. Bring them to Gold Smart and you will receive the best possible offer. We are interested in gold coins of all varieties, especially gold sovereigns from countries around the world. Most gold coins are worth the value of their purity, weight and precious metal content instead of their rarity. If you are interested in learning how much money your gold coins can fetch, reach out to Gold Smart today.