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Safer Alternatives for Online Gold Selling

It’s interesting when you lead from the front because others tend to follow and as we’ve experienced – competitors simply try to copy Gold Smart!

As the old saying goes leaders lead and followers follow… and when you are unable to lead you are forced to follow – stuck as an imitator. Some companies that offer to buy gold in New Zealand simply look at what others do well and try to copy them. This may be seen as a quick way to make up for lost ground, however, they will never lead and be seen by customers as less than genuine.

As with the Gold Smart name, philosophy, brand, values, reputation, and loyal customer base – you need to think independently to succeed. We’ve been fortunate to have a multi-talented and creative team focused on building unique customer experiences. It goes without saying that a “leopard can’t change it’s spots” however much they try… if the core values of a company are not aligned with what they are trying to tell customers about their services it will be incongruent and easily recognised.

Like a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing they can’t say they will provide honest transactions and that they care about the customer when their actions show the opposite is true. Customers can see through the deception.

Being Gold Buyers in New Zealand the team at Gold Smart has had to be very innovative and creative in our marketing and branding. And it’s quite flattering when competitors attempt to imitate us – in some cases:

  1. Stealing our text copy (word for word)
  2. Using similar photography and design
  3. Calling us pretending to be customers trying to find out information and
  4. in other cases actually sending “spies” to us under the false pretense of being genuine gold sellers!

Apart from wasting our time and theirs it shows a lack of initiative, dishonesty, and laziness!

Gold Smart really does think differently and if you’d like to experience our amazing customer service – please call today 0800-GOLD SMART (0800 465-376)