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Pop singer Justin Bieber recently inked a deal with shoe maker Adidas to promote a line of shoes from the company and sent his fans on a Internet based golden sneaker hunt. This information was posted on the Adidas website several months ago, so we are not certain of the status of the contest.

JB Golden Shoes 1

Bieber is a 19 year-old singer from Canada who had his first hit song when he was just 16 years old. His dating life and personal antics are widely read fodder for the fan magazines and websites. A Google search of “Justin Bieber Gold Shoes” pulls up 21 million matches. It seems that Bieber initially had a pair of gold shoes custom made from some Adidas sneakers. This is just hypothetical, but when the Adidas marketing crew found out about the custom kicks, it probably did not take long to sign the singer to a promotional deal.

The “Find My Sneakers” promotion launched in October, so the contest may have run its course. However, if you are a Bieber fan and just now learned of the shoes, we leave it up to you to follow the links and try to score your own pair of Justin Bieber golden Adidas.