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Safer Alternatives for Online Gold Selling

If you own any sort of scrap gold, you should know it has value. Too many people errantly throw out scrap gold, assuming it is worthless due to its age, unsightly appearance, or diminutive size. The truth is that scrap gold really is worth good money. Abide by this mantra when it comes to scrap gold and you will emerge with a fistful of money in the end: “When in doubt, don’t throw it out!”

Gold has Value Regardless of Its Aesthetics

Though your scrap gold might not look pretty, it is certainly worth money to gold buyers in New Zealand. Whether your scrap gold is worn, faded, or extremely small, it will be coveted by gold buyers. So don’t trash those small pieces of old scrap gold just to get them out of your way. Sure, they might not be visually pleasurable yet they can give a serious boost to your personal finances when sold to the appropriate party. Organize all of your scraps of gold into a nice bundle, bring it to Gold Smart and you will head home with a nice wad of cash in your hand.

Why Scrap Gold Should Never be Thrown Away

The world has a finite amount of gold. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, gold has all sorts of utility for an array of industries. It is used in jewellery, spacecraft, medical devices and so much more. In the end, all forms of gold should be thought of as a valuable commodity. It is purchased and sold on a daily basis even when it isn’t nice and shiny in appearance. Though your gold might look ugly, its value will be determined by its weight rather than its aesthetics.

If you aren’t a gold expert, don’t fret. You can sell your gold scraps on your own without the assistance of a commodities aficionado. Just bring your gold to a legitimate gold buyer in New Zealand like Gold Smart and you will be provided with fair value for your items.

Where to Sell

Comparing Scrap Gold to Other Forms of Gold

Though scrap gold has somewhat of an insulting name, it is certainly in-demand. Do not think of scrap gold as low-value metal that few people are interested in. In some instances, scrap gold is worth more than the value of a gram of gold. Just about every type of gold is desired by gold buyers. In general, gold coins and gold jewellery that are in decent shape will hold value that is greater than their weight in gold.

Yet plenty of people will immediately cast judgment on aged and/or worn scrap gold. All too often, such items are deemed worthless and thrown away. Do not make this mistake! If you have a worn or damaged gold coin, gold trinket, or other pieces of gold, do not assume that it is considered scrap gold or something of lesser value. In many instances, such a piece still has considerable value.

In the end, Scrap Gold Will Always Have Value

The moral of the story is to never sell your scrap gold short. Do not repeat the mistakes of so many other scrap gold owners who have tossed their pieces in the trash or let them go for a fraction of their true value. When in doubt, reach out to the precious metals professionals at Gold Smart. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your scrap gold so you can make an informed decision.