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What to Expect When Selling Gold Now

If you live in or near Tauranga and you have gold you would like to sell, you are in the catbird’s seat. The value of gold has steadily increased in recent months due to worldwide economic uncertainty. Selling gold is an excellent way to make some extra money within the confines of the law. Let’s take a look at a few gold-selling tips that will help you get the best price for your stash.

You Might Have Gold in Places You Have not Considered

Gold is used in a variety of consumer goods and luxury items. If you own earrings, pendants, charms, or even broken chains, you probably have at least a small amount of scrap gold on your hands. Most of us grow tired of our old pieces of jewellery and end up passing them down to someone in the family or putting them up for sale.

Today’s gold prices make it awfully tempting to sell. Gold Smart is interested in all of your old pieces of jewellery and other items with gold. We will weigh them, test them, and provide a fair quote on-the-spot.

Gold Hunting can pay off Big-Time

If you have a passion for uncovering hidden items, gold hunting is right up your alley. Hop on the web’s gold hunting message boards and you will be able to get an idea as to whether one of the streams, creeks, or rivers in your town has gold running through its waters. If you find gold in your Tauranga neighbourhood or anywhere else, bring it to Gold Smart.

We are even willing to make an offer on the smallest gold nuggets you uncover. Give gold hunting a chance and you will find it to be a fun activity that generates real money and gets you outside for some exercise. Bear in mind that you might need a permit in order to dig for gold and other precious metals that are not on your property.

Gold Coins

Those who are in the coin collecting business know that gold coins are worth a pretty penny. If you own a gold coin or a multitude of gold coins, you should not hesitate to bring them in for on-site analysis and quote. Gold coin prices differ according to all sorts of factors like age, make, rarity, and condition. We are also interested in your silver and platinum coins as well.

Sell Gold Sovereign Coins in New Zealand

It is Time to Bust out the Silver

Though most do not know it, plenty of household items are made with silver. If you find any item that is marked with “.999”, it is made with silver that can net you a tidy sum of cash. Anything from silverware to cups and baby spoons has the potential to generate good money. Bring all of your silver items into Gold Smart. We will weigh them, test them, and provide you with a no-cost quote that you will find to be quite competitive.

Consider the Value of Your Dental Gold

Though few are aware of it, those old gold fillings in our mouths have the potential to generate a quick influx of cash. If you are a dentist or have an abundance of gold fillings in your mouth, you are literally sitting on a gold mine. Selling your dental gold stash is a fantastic way to earn some extra money. Just make sure to have the dental gold removed from your teeth before trying to sell them.