As experienced Gold Buyers we find the best marketing comes from happy customers talking to their friends and family about our service. Gold Smart clients say that selling gold to us feels great because we provide respect and consideration – not to mention a hassle free and easy way to unlock the hidden value in unwanted gold jewellery. Please read what our growing list of successful gold sellers say about their experience.

Thanks Gold Smart for the prompt, efficient and professional way in which you dealt with the contact I made about selling my coins. It was a pleasure to do business you as people and as professionals. I felt there was a high level of integrity around negotiations and price from the start and that was only endorsed when you were prepared to go the extra mile on a holiday weekend to so promptly complete the deal. I would certainly recommend anyone I know who wants to sell to do business with Gold Smart. Peter


Thank you for the pleasant opportunity you gave me to sell my old coins to you. The process was smooth, fast and painless and the conversation very enjoyable. I’ll certainly recommend Gold Smart to friends and acquaintances. Sergio


Gold Smart gave me the opportunity to sell my gold that was not getting put to good use. They made me feel welcome, secure and very trusting of the process. I definitely got a good deal and now have the extra cash. Vanessa


Great thanks, that was a fast and easy process. Laura


Gold Smart were a pleasure to deal with, very helpful and fast with the payment. Susan


I enjoyed dealing with the team at Gold Smart – the process was quick and simple. Chris


Many thanks to the professionals at Gold Smart for helping me make a fresh start through selling my outdated and unwanted gold jewellery! Mary


Thank you Gold Smart, I had no idea my jewellery was worth so much! If you want the best price I highly recommend visiting the people at Gold Smart today. I walked away with $950! Linda


The Gold Smart Difference

We understand that many of you will be selling gold for the first time and have designed our process to be easier for you.

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