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Working With the Best Auckland Gold Buyer

Want to Sell Gold Jewellery, Gold Bullion, and Gold Coins?

If you have any old gold or jewellery sitting around, you should consider selling it for cash today. There really has never been a better time to sell gold than right now – however, it’s important that you select the right gold buying company to avoid being ripped off. Many companies offer Cash for Gold (or “Cash4Gold”) buying services, yet Gold Smart customers tell us how they fall short of their expectations of fair prices, service, and knowledge.

The process for selling gold and silver jewellery in New Zealand is very simple – Gold Smart has created a new solution based on three things: the weight of the item, the carat of the gold, and the gold spot prices. The basis is our promise to provide a fast, friendly, and professional gold buying service. Giving you a fair and open process for selling gold, gold jewellery, and silver.

Types of Gold Bullion We Buy

At Gold Smart, we also purchase Gold and Silver Bullion – the common types of gold bullion that we buy includes:

  • 1oz New Zealand Gold Kiwis (99.99% pure)
  • 1oz Perth Mint Nuggets and Kangaroos (99.99% pure)
  • 1oz South African Krugerrands (91.6% pure)
  • British Sovereign Gold Coins (91.6% pure)
  • Gold Cast Ingots (98.9%-99.99% pure)

The value of gold coins and gold bullion depends on the size of the coin (weight in grams), gold purity, who minted the gold coin, and the condition – is it worn, damaged, or “mint condition”.

When selling your gold you will need to make sure you don’t get ripped-off by the many “Sharks” out there. To get excellent prices for your gold you will need to talk with the trusted gold bullion buying experts – Gold Smart!

We buy gold bullion from sellers across New Zealand and offer excellent prices!

Sell Your Gold Bullion today!